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Toomy Li (Toomy Li)
  • China
    NAME:Tamashi晓魂 FROM:AMOY,CHINA Nice to meet you!~~I am Tamashi, I am from China. INS:asatama5 Twitter:asatama5 LOFTER: weibo: CURE NO.193153
  • H2O
    Plurk∥ Photo Album∥
  • South Korea
    중부권 코스어 예요^ ㅡ^, 지인 구하는 중이예요~ 카스 아이디 jieun98518
  • Japan
    I love ”Otomate” games!! (AMNESIA,Code:Realize,CLOCK ZERO,HAKUOKI,NORN etc...) &Free!,inubokuxss etc... COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE:268077 Cure:341243 Twitter:@kdszk
  • Taiwan
    安安(〃・∪・`)這裡是黒崎ユウ 大家都ㄌㄌ的叫我我也不知道為啥 近期全職/特傳/FREE小變態一直線 歡迎勾搭ヽ(●ゝ∀・●)ノ・.。* Lofter ▶ Weibo ▶ Page ▶ ------------------------------------ Diamond may be strong in itself, but it does not bond well with other materials.
  • China
    This is after school ^ ^ cn:放課後 【Love❤:とある科学の超电磁炮/天才麻将少女/東方project/銀魂/fate/ZONE-00/spec/ 本命:博麗靈夢/御坂美琴/saber/桂小太郎】 欢迎找我玩:-D weibo:
  • Russia
    I'm Irine, but my cosplay friends call me Midori-hime My costumes are sewn by myself I like Hetalia, UtaPri, KuroBasu, Fairy tail and dota2 Moscow, Russia
  • Aga
    Hi Minna-san I am Angga... Cosplayer from Indonesia, just call me Aga.... I love Cosplay I love Fairy Tail.... my Facebook: Just keep smile and be a good friend :-)
  • China
    Cure NO:298925 (´・ω・`) 交流欢迎! Live:GuangZhou China 微博:
  • Thailand
    Hello. I'm Shiori cosplayer from Chiangmai, Thailand. Nice to meet you,everybody. You can add me on or my page
  • Singapore
    Eyyy~ The name is Anna :> i have a passion for cosplaying, drawing, dancing, anime, yaoi and etc. Follow me: [Facebook] [Instagram] Birthday:10 Oct Horoscope: Libra Blood type: A+ Height:171cm Loves: Junkfood
  • Japan
    I love Cos-play! Nice to meet you:) J'adore le Cos-play! Enchantee;) 名古屋在住のコスプレイヤーです! Twitter: kaaayoh Archive:
  • South Korea
    HELLO! I'm kroean costume player. Thank for visiting me. Rurouni Kenshin Love Live! CHOBITS 薄桜鬼 etc... I love a lot of animation and comic. But don't use my photo. If you use my photos without permission, legal action will be taken.
  • Japan
    好きなものを好きなだけ FAIRYTAIL、カーニヴァル、ヴァルヴレイヴ、ヴァン騎士etc...。 Archive: Twitter: (@ka_yuxxtail) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thanks for your visit! My name is ka-yu. I 'm active in Japan. I can speak English a little. If you like my work as a Cosplayer, than follow me. I would be very happy about Just like what you like 【My favorite】 FAIRYTAIL、Karneval、VALVRAVE、Vampire knight etc...
  • South Korea
  • South Korea
    Hello:) Blog : E-mail :