Toomy Li (Toomy Li)
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    NAME:Tamashi晓魂 FROM:AMOY,CHINA Nice to meet you!~~I am Tamashi, I am from China. INS:asatama5 Twitter:asatama5 LOFTER: weibo: CURE NO.193153
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    중부권 코스어 예요^ ㅡ^, 지인 구하는 중이예요~ 카스 아이디 jieun98518
  • Japan
    I love cosplay of game title. (IDOLiSH7,AMNESIA,Code:Realize, CLOCK ZERO,HAKUOKI,NORN9, Beast master&Prince...) COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE:268077 Twitter:@shizuka_cos_ (only cosplay) follow me if u like!
  • Taiwan
    安安(〃・∪・`)這裡是邊緣人黒崎ユウ 大家都ㄌㄌ的叫我我也不知道為啥 近期全職/陰陽師一直線 MF/DRRR/特傳/黑籃/青驅永遠的坑底 歡迎勾搭ヽ(●ゝ∀・●)ノ・.。* ------------------------------------ Diamond may be strong in itself, but it does not bond well with other materials.
  • China
    This is after school ^ ^ cn:放課後 【Love❤:とある科学の超电磁炮/天才麻将少女/東方project/銀魂/fate/ZONE-00/spec/ 本命:博麗靈夢/御坂美琴/saber/桂小太郎】 欢迎找我玩:-D weibo:
  • Russia
    I'm Irine, but my cosplay friends call me Midori-hime My costumes are sewn by myself I like Hetalia, UtaPri, KuroBasu, Fairy tail and dota2 Moscow, Russia
  • Aga
    Hi Minna-san I am Angga... Cosplayer from Indonesia, just call me Aga.... I love Cosplay I love Fairy Tail.... my Facebook: Just keep smile and be a good friend :-)
  • China
    Favorite character: 千景=风间千景 白银=しろがね Cure NO:298925 (´・ω・`) 交流歡迎! 總覺得漢化有點差...只好改成日本語觀看了 微博:
  • Thailand
    Hello. I'm Shiori cosplayer from Chiangmai, Thailand. Nice to meet you,everybody. You can add me on or my page
  • Singapore
    Hi i'm Anna and im trash, yes :> Follow me: [Facebook] [Instagram] Birthday:10 Oct Horoscope: Libra Blood type: A+ Loves: Junkfood
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    I love Cos-play! Nice to meet you:) J'adore le Cos-play! Enchantee;) 名古屋在住のコスプレイヤーです! Twitter: kaaayoh Archive:
  • South Korea
    HELLO! I'm kroean costume player. Thank for visiting me. Rurouni Kenshin Love Live! CHOBITS 薄桜鬼 etc... I love a lot of animation and comic. If you like my cosplay. Press the heart and follow me. But don't use my photo. If you use my photos without permission, legal action will be taken.
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    好きなものを好きなだけ FAIRYTAIL、カーニヴァル、ヴァルヴレイヴ、ヴァン騎士etc...。 Archive: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Thanks for your visit! My name is ka-yu. I 'm active in Japan. I can speak English a little. If you like my work as a Cosplayer, than follow me. I would be very happy about. Just like what you like 【My favorite】 B-PROJECT,FAIRYTAIL,Karneval, VALVRAVE,Vampire knight etc...
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  • South Korea
    Hello:) Blog : E-mail :