Jeff Oliver
  • France
    I am a French cosplayer! I love Animes/ Video games & cosplay I'm an amateur cosplayer and it's really a passion for me to see more photos: Je suis cosplayeuse amateur c'est vraiment une passion pour moi pour voir plus de photos : ■ Facebook : ■ Twitter : ■ Youtube : Chibi Cosplay ■ Cosplay-it : I hope you enjoy my work! ^^
  • Philippines
    Hi! the name's Deidei. I'm a cosplayer from the Philippines. I love watching anime and live actions, and reading manga. Loves to cosplay chibi characters I also crossdress. It would be lovely to be friends with you. You can message me if you want to know me more. Douzo Yoroshiku.... :3 ♥♥♥ feel free to like my page on facebook [] :3
  • Thailand
    Hello & Welcome (>w<)/ Thank you for visiting my page ^-^ ❤ eririnx ❤ Thailand はじめまして, わたしは 「エリリン」 です。 【 ♡ Contact ♡ 】 FB: Twitter: @_eririnx ► joined 05/02/2014
  • Singapore
    Hello! I'm Juliko Azolino , a Taiwanese based in Singapore cosplayer/artist! CosFB: ArtFB: Instagram: @iko.cosplay Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you! Deep appreciation for like/follow my worldcosplay here and my fb and insta! <3 Love <3
  • Hong Kong
  • Costa Rica
    Hi! My name is Alejandro, I have little experience making cosplay but I like to represent my favorite characters through this art :3 I hope you like my work and feel free to talk to me when they want! <3 Facebook:
  • Hong Kong
    Hello everyone:) My name's Dan. Cosplayer from HongKong. Hope you like and enjoy my cosplay here♥ - FB Page: Like or Share if you support me ♥ - 你好:)我是魚蛋,是香港的Cosplayer~ 希望你會支持和喜歡我的cos,謝謝你♥
  • HMT
    Viet Nam
    Hello!! I'm HMT \ ' 3 ' /
  • Reo
  • United States
    [FB] [Tumblr] [] [Twitter]
  • Ukraine
    Hi! I am cosplay photographer from Ukraine. Glad to see you here:). More photos and information about me you find here: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Deviantart: ►MyAnimeList: ►VK: ►FB:
  • Japan
    鹿児島産、大阪経由、都内在住 ぬるく活動してる社畜レイヤーです(^ω^) ガルパンとてーきゅうが続く限り生きていける気がする。 アーカイブ*162904 ツイッター*che_rrrrrrr_y
  • Viet Nam
    Hello everyone! I'm Maya from Vietnam :D Nice to meet you :3 I'm a Vietnamese cosplayer and a member of KAMOII'cos Team XD You can also go to my Facebook page and leave a message so we can be friends X3 FB: Thanks for visiting my page ^o^
  • El Salvador
    ▶Umi no Midori◀ ↭El Salvador↭ ▶Cosplayer & Cosmaker◀ ~Nice to meet you~ ♥
  • Macao
    >Instagram ;SITA_SOU(中国語ですみません) >WEIBO :中国語ですみません) >Twitter : sita_tiger 多多指教~歡迎勾搭>W<~
  • Hong Kong
    大家好,我是Annie,有些人也會叫我梨 是一名香港的Cosplayer 資歷不深 請大家多多指點 也希望大家能與梨多多交流cosplay的心得 希望大家會喜歡我的cosplay 謝謝大家 Hi, I am Annie, is a cosplayer. I come from HongKong. I hope that you will like my cosplay. Thank you.