Phyro Miyazaki (Phyro)
  • Taiwan
    好き ❥  弱虫ペダル テニスの王子様 刀剣乱舞 日本語を勉強しています! よろしくお願いします (´▽`)アリガト! ٩交流歡迎و
  • Indonesia
    let me interduce my self i'm Moel Umboh from indonesia... I take this character (master roshi) because i think this chara is suitable for me. my body, my face my head is close enaugh with real master roshi in dragonball movie :D like master roshi, i wanna make this world is fullfill with love and peace... no war at any region,nation,etc. thanks to everybody who support me to be a cosplayer... peace everybody ^^v
  • Taiwan
    Hello I'm Taiwan's coser plurk :