clairemorgan (Lilette Win)
United States
I love anime.
I love mangas.
Im attracted to intelligent people
Such as John Green and Hank Green.
I have full respect for cosplayers.
I live in New York.
Im burmese.
Junior in high school
In a relationship
Love books and music
Blood type O
Jan 1st Capricorn
Be smart!
  • WorldCosplay No.55600
  • Nicknameclairemorgan
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionUnited States of America
  • Yuzaki Ren
  • Snow Chen
  • 환희
  • Toyu
  • Kou
  • Chibito
  • Shin
  • 花梨澤
  • 叶使Kuloy
  • 奧田.J.依彌
  • 一之濑光/一ノ瀬ヒカル
  • 潤
  • Jessi Chan
  • Shine Loren
  • Kuro
  • Gin