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Tochihara Sasa (Toshi)
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  • Indonesia
    Hellooooo~ I'm Waiji, Cosplayer from Indonesia. Nice to meet you all ^^v
  • Indonesia
    I am Shyuuta, from Indonesia feel free to ask me anything, let's be friend! English/Bahasa/日本語 OK! ;) Facebook :
  • Indonesia
    I am Rin, Cosplayer from Indonesia i have cosplay since 2012 feel free to ask me anything, let's be friend! ^^ よろしくお願いします!^^ English/Bahasa/日本語 OK! :D Please also follow Fanpage : Instagram : @kururin.cos Twitter : @kururin_cos Cure no. 323244
  • China
    I love cosplay and cosers~ weibo:
  • Indonesia
    Hi ^^ I'm Aoki from Indonesia I'm newbie cosplayer Hope you like my cosplay ^^, I'm still trying, I hope I make several progress in my cosplay fb:: cure :: Cure No. 333050
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
    Iam just newbe. so Im so sorry if Iam fail newbe cosplayer from yogyakarta
  • Indonesia
    Hello, I'm Guriinko from Indonesia :D I love everything about cosplay, manga, anime and music. I'm still new as cosplayer, and hope I can make a lot of friends. well, please enjoy my cosplay. :D
  • Indonesia
    Moshi-moshi minna-san :D Hello everyone XD My name is Advent (that's my real name too ^^) I'm an indonesian people, that love Cosplay so much XD even though I'm still a newbie, I'll try my best :D So, wait for my next project ! See you
  • Malaysia
  • Russia
    I start to do cosplay in 2010. I hope you'll love my works!:) You can also see my pages here: Facebook - Youtube - ask - Deviant - Cosplay com - Cure cos - Tumblr - Instagram - VK:
  • Thailand
    I'm Yukito or Yuelris ! ヾ(^∇^) ♪ Call me Yuel for short. Nice to meet you ♥ Facebook: Twitter: Everything failed so upload sometime _ _)ll Free to talk to me on Facebook n Twitter ~ >3<