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    Trust me, I'm a Dolphin >w<
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  • Poland
    Yes. I like blue^^
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    I'm 20 years old fresh cosplay photographer and graphic designer from Poland. ;) I started my my adventure with photography in May and I hope to get better and better as the time flows : ) Find me on: http://facebook.com/madebydobrochna http://instagram.com/madebydochuu http://madebydobrochna.tumblr.com/ Any questions? http://ask.fm/MadebyDobrochna
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  • Czech Republic
    Hi! I'm Kuromaru a cosplayer from Czech Republic. I really enjoy sewing, crafting and so on. Enjoy my work and I hope you will like it. ^_^ If you like my work, you can find more photos and stuff on my facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/KuromaruCosplay You can also follow me on Deviant art: http://kuromaru-dono.deviantart.com/ or Instagram: https://instagram.com/kuromaru_cosplay/
  • United Kingdom
    Hello! My name is Remi and I'm Polish male living in United Kingdom. I'm not cosplayer (yet?), but I'm enjoying beautiful sights, especially pretty women in cosplays, which do suit their body sizes, that is why I am here ;-) Looking forward to see You! :D
  • Ukraine
    Hi There ! (´。• ω •。`) ☆I hope you like my works =3 I am a Ukrainian cosplayer! * I love ANIME&Cosplay * I hope for your attention*
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  • Kyo
    สวัสดีครับ..ผม เคียวคิไอ ครับ ยินดีที่ได้รู้จักและฝากเนื้อฝากตัวด้วยครับ Hi my name is Kyokiai i nice to meet you はじめまして きょうきあい です どうぞよろしく おねがいします my page http://www.facebook.com/noppakun.ramangtong#!/pages/Kyokiai-y-gen/103432909769785
  • Mexico
    hello .. I'm Javi I´m from Monterrey N. L., México I am cosplayer for 4 years :D hobby : Cosplay !! , skateboard , soccer :) https://www.facebook.com/javi.castro.501 DeviantArt: http://javiq-maaya.deviantart.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MayJavCosplay?ref=hl https://instagram.com/javiqcastro/
  • Ukraine
    Hello, I'm cosplay-photographer and cosplayer from Ukraine,Kiev check please my other pages ^^ ☆ weibo http://weibo.com/5573754794 ☆ FB https://www.facebook.com/pugoffka.sama ☆ DeviArt http://pugoffka-sama.deviantart.com/ ☆ Inst http://instagram.com/pugoffka_sama/ ☆ Tumblr http://pugoffka.tumblr.com/ ☆ VK http://vk.com/public_pugoffka ☆ Twitter https://twitter.com/PugoffkaSama ☆ Cure No. 381451 ☆ mail pugaffka@gmail.com
  • Argentina
    Hello :D my name is jade :3, I'm cosplayer since 2011... -facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jade.chan.92
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