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そーこ (Soco)
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  • Thailand
    Hi, My name is Riyu from thailand. I love anime&cosplay Thanks for following and like me FB : BFriyu Arcticfox
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
  • Isa
    Hey! Hey! Hey! I am Snow, nice to meet you! ;) I do cosplay with passion, I'm not the best but I will try my best! I still going to school -.- Jap, I am very lazy... You´re welcome :) Animexx: Deviantart: Instagram: Facebook:
  • China
  • Japan
    I'm doing a cameraman in Japan. My favorite animation is Danganronpa,Shingeki no kyojin,Charlotte,Prison School,Syokugeki no Soma. I'd like to take a picture at the place where it has a good location. Let me take a picture at a Okayama,Shikoku, and Kansai area, please. You can find me here: Twitter : COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE : 中国地方に住んでいますが、兵庫、大阪まで足を運んで撮影しています。レイヤー様、カメラマン様と知り合いになれたらと思っていますので お気軽にフォローください。
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
    Hello ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。 Archive → 〔No. 273020〕 Twitter→ 〔Xx9Aica6xX〕
  • Viet Nam
  • Rin
  • Brazil
    Hello I am Alessandro, I'm a Cosplayer here in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro and come by WC show this wonderful art and cosplay I hope you like it.. (*-^) my page in facebook: my E-mail: Chanel youtube:
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
    에....할줄아는게 유일하게 한국어네....ㅋㅋ.... 영어는 독해만 잘합니다..... 말하는게 좀 어설플 수도....(번역기돌릴껄요...ㅋ) 도검난무 진짜 좋아합니다!!!!><!!! 겜코스 자체가 그냥 좋아요 ㅋㅋㅋ Give their only knows how to .... It's Korean ... ha ha ... English is good at reading only....sorry
  • Taiwan
    哈囉~大家好~ 這裡是台灣coser Nagi((兼小渣渣攝影師 還只是個新手>< 希望大家會喜歡我的作品唷ωωω Twitter: Facebook:
  • Thailand
    HELLO !!! Nice to meet you I'm from thailander. My name is ' didi ' buy you can.. CALL ME " K E I D I " Follow me :
  • Japan
    ^□^...•□•...>□<...●□●...*□*!? 世界のすべての中!こんにちは! ^ - ^ 私の名前はみゆきであり、私は13歳です。 私は黒執事が大好き! ♡ >□< Facebook page~ ○■○♡ Please visit me..and like my page! I will like your page back!