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    Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I`m a cosplayer since 2007 from Germany~! My name's Asa. I make the costumes all by myself :3 ☆~ Nice to meet you ~☆ If you're interested in cosplay-progress and stuff, you can visit my cosplay-tumblr-blog or facebook page :3 If you have some questions, you can ask me here:
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    Hi! I'm Arcensia; a 16 years old cosplayer from Sweden./)^w^/) Started cosplaying June 2013. Next con:Närcon 2014 You can find me at: Instagram/Arcensia Youtube/Arcensia
  • Ireland my youtube page plz subs to my channel my name is Vanessa Randall i live in cork Ireland and im otaku I like playing video games on ps3 or ps4 my psn Vanessa78032 I like watching anime alot I like cats and I like shopping online for anime and I like making videos on youtube for my channel i love dressing up in anime cosplay love my sexy fiancee darrell
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    I am Edward. or you can call me rinny I like both. yes I'm a girl with the name Edward but its a nickname. I love anime and manga and also... I LOVE BANZAI PRO! they are so awesome. I admire valda and oz for their epic cosplay skills. I also love vocaloid. I only have one coplay but I hope you peoples like it. 5 months until ani-jam!
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    Welcome everyone! I'm Lia Sage and this is Jack Ass, hehehe sorry. Anyway, I would love to show you all my cosplay groups cosplays and such. All costumes are made by me unless stated differently~ Welcome and please enjoy!
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    こんにちは私はまどかです。オーストラリアのコスプレイヤー。私は声優になりたい。よろしく (>o<)ノ facebook: DA:
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    I am a beginning cosplayer from Arizona who got into cosp-lay not too long ago. I'm not great at sewing so I go out to find clothing and accessories I'd use for cosplay. I'm working on small projects to get used to sewing. For now I do Closet Cosplay. Deviant Art - Tumblr - Facebook -
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    Deviantart - Tumblr - Cospix - Facebook - Instagram - PoisonousRationality I'm Rati, a cosplayer from Arizona!
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    I'm a newbie!! Just trying my best to get better in Cosplay >A< This is my DeviantArt: