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  • Taiwan
    大家好~我是面包 是一名剛加入cos圈的新手 請多指教 Hello~everyone,I'm Chiao-Yu, you can call me "bread" I'm from Kaohsiung,Taiwan. I have started cosplay since 2013. Facebook Account:
  • Chile
    I am a chilean cosplayer and cosmaker. I love this hobbie! <3 i need it :3
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요 SWAT입니다 아직 월코를 이용하는법을 잘 몰르니 도움을 주시면 감사하겠습니다ㅎ hi i'm 15,korean Im US S.W.A.T. Cosplay
  • Chile
    Hello! I'm from Chile and I love Cosplay <3 Since last year, since my Mary cosplay, I've wanted to become a cosmaker. I do my best, learning more and doing better cosplays with time. I hope you like my work C: -- Hola, Soy Shikorita y vivo en Santiago de Chile Hago cos hace 5 años y el año pasado me metí en el mundo cosmaker (de Mary en adelante) Mi sueño es ir mejorando con el tiempo y ser una gran cosplayer/cosmaker C:
  • Chile
    Soy cosplayer principiante de Valparaiso, Chile. Disculpen la calidad de las fotos, pero no tengo fotógrafo, así que recolecté fotos que me tomaron distintas personas :)
  • Chile
  • United States
    ☣Facebook- ☣deviantART- ☣Instagram- ☣Twitter- ☣Tumblr-
  • Japan
    form japan, but live in korea. US ARMY Special Force Green Beret 2007~2009 re-enactment and Cosplay 埼玉県出身 韓国留学中・・・・・。 アメリカ陸軍特殊部隊グリーンベレー再現。レイアー。 2007年~2009年度装備。 自衛隊戦闘服はあるけど、韓国では駄目らしい。 いつかは帰って自衛隊とか労働隊やってみたいなww 最近はホームシックで日本に帰りたいと独り言多くなった気が、 미육군 특수부대 그린베레 재현자 또는 코스어 2007년~2009년도 장비 가끔 서코에 올라가긴 하지만 요즘은 피곤해서 잠수. 카토리 친추는 왠만하면 초면 안받음. 네이버 블로그 "밀덕인" ソウルコミックワールド + 大田デク 活動中 서울코믹월드 대전디쿠 활동중 Korea Seoul Comic World And Deajon Dicu kakaoTalk - kinosita0403 (korea) 
  • Chile
    Hello!!! My name is Dena Heavenly, and I'm a Chilean Cosplayer, i'm 23 years old. I'm not a professional cosplayer, but I love what I make and I happy with my works.. I invite to you to know my pages Facebook: (Fan Page) Twitter:
  • Philippines
    Beatdownboogie inspired cosplayer. I'm gonna start mixing Military genre with Classic Video Game Characters. First one's Mario ~ Mario Warfare --------------------------------------------------------------- Otaku Expo (Phil), Ozine (Phil), Toycon (Phil), Best of Anime (Phil), Comic-Con (San Diego, Cali) Dragoncon (Atlanta) --------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook:
  • Brazil
  • Japan
    Hi! I am Japanese Cosplayer. Nice to meet you. I love Resident Evi & Resident Evi OperationRaccoonCity. Thanks for following me.
  • Brazil
    A rotina do fim não é o fim, é descomeço e quando chega o fim recomeça e vai assim e vai até aos confins que não tem fim, é descomeço, que não tem fim é recomeço.
  • Chile
    hello my name is camila and I'm from chile recently I'm starting on this wonderful cosplay and hopefully move forward. many greetings cosplayer HI 大家好,我是智利的卡蜜菈~ 在COS圈中算新手一名,還有很多不足,今後會更努力,請各位大大多多指教! hola mi nombre es camila y soy de chile recién estoy empezando en este maravilloso del cosplay y espero seguir avanzando . muchos saludos cosplayer! こんにちは私の名前はカミラと私はチリ - から始まったこの素晴らしいコスプレを始めているし、前方に移動することを望みます。多くのご挨拶コスプレイヤー ! - 私悪い語日本語--のため申し訳ありませんが私は希望を理解すること -
  • Argentina
    Hi Im Alexander Phoenix, Iam a Cosplayer and Cosmaker from Argentina, Iam studing FX. I like games, anime, comics, movies, and a lot of things. Facebook: Deviant Art