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    Hi!I'm an italian cosplayer and I started to cosplay in march 2011 with Gumi Matryoshka version from Vocaloid. Currently I'm studying fashion design in Carpi (Italy) Hope you like my cosplays..:) p.s.: Sorry for my bad english..xD [facebook] [DeviantArt]
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    ~Hello! Welcome to my WorldCosplay profile. *-* I cosplay since 2011, so I'm new on it. I'm counting on you to get better. /o/ If you want it, please follow my Instagram:
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    Hi! I'm Rio. Nice to meet you! ARCHIVE:220205 Layer Cloud:26114
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    最近ちょこちょこ上げてます。CLAMPだいすき。Fssだいすき。シェリルとルカ様だいすき。 Hi! my name is Rin_kamine! I am japanese cosplayer^^ I can understand English a little^^ Let me be your friend! ************************ Cure→ Archive→ blog→ ☆new!!☆ facebook→神禰-麟/383626838409870?ref=stream
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    ♥D18♥ Love for ever ♡so much other Pairs♡ ♡Cosplay♡ you can ask me what ever you like X3~ Instergram Ameba Deviantart Animexx Tumblr
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    mail. blog. twitter. @JIJIRIGallo Final Fantasy / Yuki Kaori / Naked Ape / The basketball which kuroko plays / Durarara / PSYCHO-PASS / Wolf's rain / Gangsta
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  • Canada Hello, i've been cosplaying since 2011, i am very proud of how far i've come so far, and i plan on cosplay a great number of things in the future. I love to Cosplay Asuka Langley Soyru, and hope to one day make her plugsuit.
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    Twitter: butbutbut5
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    Weibo:【】 @匿名状态你看不见我 Twitter :【】@TheBEANwitnin { 摄影 | 道具 | coser | 画手 | 游戏宅 }
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    Hi! Im from Argentina and I hope you like my works <3 ☆☆PATREON: ☆☆ ☆ 【Facebook】: ☆ 【Instagram】: ☆ 【Twitter】: Don't use the photography without permission and credits ®
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