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    Hi~~~ I'm Zen from Thailand NIce2MeetU Everyone
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    Hi, Yu here 8D cosplayer from Vietnam cosplay since 2012 you can also follow me at: Facebook Twitter Instagram
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    Yay \m/ I'm Kamui Hik,call me Hik ~♥ I'm cosplayer from Vietnam My Facebook: My DA:
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    Hi everyone :D My name's Aini and I'm a cosplayer in Vietnam I'm just a rookie so hope everyone will help me improve my work *bow down* It's a pleasure to make friends with you too ♥ ~Nyan :'3 -------------------------------- Here's my other accounts: ♥DeviantART: ♥Facebook:
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    ... Hello. I'm Kiiro Kyuta. I'm Cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you. My Fanpage : Facebook :