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Jjing (Jjing)
South Korea
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  • Philippines
    ★Instagram: ★lookbook: ★Facebook: ★Twitter: ★Cure: ★Deviantart: | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) ~~~ Hi! My Name is Carlos Liao , im from the philippines :) , I Love Cosplaying so much! it is my way of expressing my love in Anime ehehe, it is so much fun ^^
  • Indonesia
    【DeviantArt】 【Cure】 【Instagram】 Cosplayer, author, and amateur artist. Member of Erokyun cosplay team and REDPRO
  • Finland
    Hi! I have been cosplaying since 2007 and Im a certified makeup artist that loves to do different clown cosplays. I make every costume myself and my passion is to compete against other cosplayers. I was one of four Finnish representative's at NCC (Nordic Cosplay Championship) on 2013 with my Mad Moxxi cosplay. Find me also at:
  • Thailand
    Facebook : myuk.hiharaki Twitter : @Hiharaki
  • Indonesia
    Hi! I'm Yuppina.. My other nickname is 'Rin'.. ^^ I live in Indonesia.. I'm still a newbie.. But I'm trying my best to cosplay my fav characters. Nice to meet you all^^
  • Taiwan
    Howdy, yall! My name is Suky. I'm just another cosplayer. Originally from Taiwan, but now residing in USA. Started Cosplaying: 2012 Hope to make more cosplays in the near future! <3 ♪ Cure: ♪ DeviantArt: ♪ Facebook: ♪ Instagram: ♪ Twitter: ♪ Youtube:
  • UAE
  • South Korea
    Hello! I'm Wolha. -------------------------------------- <Blog> <Team Ocean's> <It's Haeunrang> --------------------------------------------------------
  • South Korea
    한국 :: 중부권 남부권 코스어 . 천랑( 天狼 ) Hi ! I'm korean Costumeplayer Cheon Rang . Please call me Rang :D ! Cheon Rang is Chinese character . :-) Cheon means sky , and Rang is wolf ! Nice to meet you and Happy to meet you ! I'm not good at English and Japanese :( ! TAT ! But I want to you to get to know ! e-mail :: blog ::
  • Singapore
    Hi! I'm Naomi from Singapore. I cosplay out of my love and joy for it. :3 Name: Naomi Age: 17 Blood type: O Country: Singapore Year I started cosplay: 2010 Hobbies: Cosplay, ice skating, fencing, eating "Like" My page if you want to. 8D
  • South Korea
    Nice to meet you! I cosplayers Korea Love is emotional pictures May also like to take pictures as a hobby Thank you in anticipation :) こんにちは! 韓国の 大人のコスチュームプレイヤーですo(≧▽≦)o 感性的な写真が好きで そのような写真も趣味で撮っています。 どうぞよろしくお願いします! [Korea blog] [twitter]
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요! 한국 코스어 송와루입니다:) 부족하지만 잘부탁드려요~! Hello! I'm Korean Costumeplayer Song Wa Ruです:) Is insufficient, but ask well~! こんにちは! 私は 韓国 Costumeplayer Song Wa Ru:) 不足だがよろしくお願いいたします~!
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요, 코스어 '은가온'입니다. XD 잘부탁드려요! Musical Team :: Ocean's :: ( Hello :) I'm Korean Cosplayer 'Eun Ga-On' :D Nice to meet you!
  • Lan
    South Korea
  • South Korea
    105호 그남자 = He living in 105. = BackHo (백호)(白虎) Thanks for visit my page. :) Like. Kuroko no basketball / LuckyDog / Blade&Soul / Prince of Tennis / utano prince / Cyphers / Mabinogi / Webtoon / Superluvs … etc. Loveing Ani&Game! Twitter. @musiquetou Korea Blog. Mail. xpsl1429@naverocm I hope you get happy day!
  • Brazil
    Hello! I 'm Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro. I'm a designer living and working doing cosplay ^^ I hope you enjoy my work =) DeviantART -> Facebook Page ->