AngelofOrange (Marcie Pennington)
United States
Im the Sweden/Russia in the Arkansas/Oklahoma based cosplay group called UNITED NATIONS OF AWESOME cosplay.

I cosplay other characters from other anime/manga/games but Lately I have just stuck to these two. I like cosplaying them alot. Our group does skits and other fun stuff.

If you want to see then check out our stuff check out our tumblr:

Or our youtube:
  • WorldCosplay No.50105
  • NicknameAngelofOrange
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionUnited States of America
  • April葡葡
  • Kuroi Marron
  • 白川汐
  • 明日菜
  • Shoma
  • Usakura
  • America-san
  • 空狐
  • Chibi- 'Lyssa
  • Gin
  • America-san
  • Kuroi Marron
  • Shoma