GoOn (ShinKiHa)
South Korea
  • Viet Nam
  • Thailand
    I just want everybody happy when I am the character that they love.
  • Russia
    Hi (^ω^) I'm a guy from Russia.I like cosplay ♥ I hope you like my works (・ω・)ノ ★ Facebook ★ ★ ★ Twitter ★ ★ ★ Weibo ★ ★ ★ DeviantART ★ ★ ★ Instagram ★ ★ ★ VK for Russians guys ★ ★ ★ E-MAIL ★ ★
  • South Korea
    Hello! ,my name is F.G.J I belong to team The Hand My service to you 현20세 전국권 코스어 퓨즈견지 입니다! 외국인들도 보기쉽게 이니셜로만 썼어요~ 잘부탁드립니다!
  • Hong Kong
    大家好~ 叫我小羅/細羅吧~ 超崩的COSer~ 多多指教~ Facebook:羅細
  • Spain
    Hi there :3 My name is Loki, I've been cosplaying for four 8almost five now <3) years and I love to chat. You can find me in : Deviantart: Tumblr - or facebook - Nice to meet you all <3
  • ksl
    South Korea
    안녕하세요 21살 한국코스어 강찬입니다! 잘부탁드려요~ Please Palo all 카스:il3313
  • Indonesia
    heloo im Exia from indonesia :) as a cosplayer as a photographer i love cosplay n photography hope u like it my photo my id LINE : hendri_suhe my page :
  • Poland
    HI! My name in Caroline and I'm a beginner cosplayer from Poland. I mainly cosplay characters from League of Legends but I have much more ideas and plans in my mind! FOLLOW ME ON:
  • South Korea
    Hello~ I'm italian girl that live in Korea I love One Piece and Gintama. If some korean friends want make cosplay with and my friend, will be a pleasure ^^ 안녕하세요~~ 지금 한국에서 사는 이탈리아 사람입니다 저랑 코스프레 하고 싶으신 분 있으면 연락해주세요 ^^ 【Twitter】 ktcdani_san 【Instagram】 harukasamurai
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
    Yo. It's Iza, or Tsui. Cosplayer from Singapore, I do more crossplays than cosplays! I'm more of a crafter at heart. Thank you for viewing my profile!
  • Thailand
  • South Korea
    Contact)Twitter: facebook: instagram: sansin_ e-mail: My partner Jindoc:
  • Taiwan
    Hello,My name is Naito. Nice to meet you! I'm come from Taiwan. I usually play cos in Pokemon , Haikyuu!! , Durarara!! , Fate 初次見面你好v(。・ω・。)ィェィ♪ 我是夜櫻,COS初心者一位,請多多指教! 主要出的角色作品為:ポケモン/ハイキュー!!/デュラララ!!/Fate FB粉專>>
  • United States
    I am a musician, I play piano, I compose music, also I am a gamer, youtuber, and newly just started cosplaying since 2011. I only travel most cons in nyc, but willing to travel to others, my kind of cosplay is mostly doing costume that no one ever dress as. I like video games anime tv, film and cartoons, But if you guys want to check me out youtube: soundcloud: facebook: