sh_iion (Shion)
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    Hi Everyone! im Jessi Chawn cosplayer from Asia ^^
  • Japan
    東方project 一騎当千 VOCALOID I love Touhou!! blog tumblr twitter @sasara_miyako
  • China
    大家好,我是Knut,来自中国杭州。本命东方Project、狼与香辛料和命运石之门。 みんなさん、よろしく!Knutです、中国杭州人です。Touhouとsteins;gateと狼と香辛料が大好きです。世界中の同好たち、仲良くしたいです!中国語は自国語ですが、日本語と英語もできます。たのしくコスやチャットをしましょう。フォロしてください。hello everyone,I'm Knut,I come from Hangzhou,China.Sometimes I cosplay my favorite anime characters though I haven’t do well.I want to make friends who love anime just like me over the world.I like Touhou Project and steins;gate very much.I can speak Chinese,English and Japanese.let's cosplay and chat together!
  • Hong Kong
    這是小祭~ 家教大愛~ ****因某些原因而未能夠用con****所以希望各位諒解 ((新手渣渣一名...)) 以後也請大家多多指教!! Weibo :
  • Brazil
    Sou novo como cosplayer mas ja estou desenvolvendo novos personagens. Espero que gostem.! I'm new to cosplay but I'm already developing new characters. I hope you enjoy.! Tnk's *(^0^)* Facebook -
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    I usually just cosplay for fun and to enjoy conventions a bit more~ I dont do fancy cosplays but sure would like to one day go all out and look fabulous like everyone else :D
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
    Hello! This is Carlo Magtibay from the Philippines! Hope to be friends with you all here. I want more and more friends! and i would love to chat with you! :)
  • Malaysia
    A little cosplayer from Malaysia, still seeking for improvement to cosplay better, feel free to chat with me and sharing of your experiences, I will be grateful about it, yoroshiku^^
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    Hello! ^^ ❤ Touhou ~ Aya Syameimaru, Flandre & Remilia Scarlet, Nue Houju, Orin & Oku, many others! ❤ Kancolle ~ I-19, Mogami, Nagato ❤ Higurashi / Umineko no naku koro ni ~ Bernkastel if I come on your profile and like all your pictures, it probably means that you are too cute and triggered my frenzy mode :') sorry!