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あこ (ako)
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  • Japan
    関西でゆるゆると活動してます被写体兼カメラマンです^^ 好きなものを好きなように表現してます。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- HI! I’m japanese cosplayer and photographer. I speak English only a little. *website is written only in Japanese but please take a look around. twitter:@Shu__u Am I Wry? No(ブログ) e^(iπ)=-1(tumblr) アーカイブ
  • Japan
    Hallo! Thanks for ♡ and comments ! 日本在住。好きなものを好きなように。
  • Japan
    ▼ まだ始めたばかりなので これからちょっとずついじっていく予定です。 宜しくどうぞ。 ▼ Archive☞58397
  • Philippines
  • Viet Nam
    My real name is Nguyen Thu Hang!! But everyone call me Shizuku! I am Vietnamese but I am live in Hungary!! I am not realy cosplayer it just my hobbi! That all! nice to meet you guy!
  • Taiwan
    台湾人です/小学から日本語を勉強します/学生ですwアニメと漫画全般大好き♡偶にコスプレやります!! Twitter:@aoiaoi1010
  • South Korea
  • no
    The more I like a character, the more I'm shy to talk about them. You can guess my favourite characters because they're the ones I end up insulting the most. lmao this account is just for me to save all my favourite pictures somewhere.
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
    English OK Umineko no Naku Koro ni | Dangan Ronpa | DMMD | Togainu no Chi | sweet pool [Page] [Personal profile]
  • Brazil
    Hi guys! I live in Brazil, my hobby is cosplay, since 2003... like and coment! Kissus
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwan
    生於世界某一角的無名小卒,目標是在死前留下活過的痕跡。 blog: facebook:cayolihe
  • Thailand
  • Australia
    Hi I'm Tahneeka, at least that's what I want you to know me as. I'm a new starting cosplayer! and I'm working on making a few cosplays in the future, I might not seem like I'm any good and that's true big time! But I'll try be the best cosplayer I can be! right yeah that seems about right? Welcome to my profile anyway!
  • Viet Nam
    I'll never be your mother's favorite