Lady Masquerade (Lady Masquerade)
  • Belarus
    Hi there, I'm a cosplayer and photographer from Belarus. Links:
  • Mexico
    I love Cosplay, for me is more than a hobby I call it: "A role playing art". I make my own cosplay accesories. I also take Cosplay Photography. I love anime, some racing and motocross videogames, comic books and art toys Hope you like my costumes <3
  • South Korea
    kakaostory:cuni95 Twitter:@coni5920
  • South Korea
    I'm Korean cosplyer - E-Mail : - Home Page :
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
    純一/Junichi FACEBOOK : PLURK : TWITTER: 熱愛中: ♥ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) ♥血界戦線 (Blood Blockade Battlefront) ✔Friendship ✘Narcissist
  • Taiwan
    Welcome to my page!!!
  • Japan
    Twitter ※不定期に気ままに更新 駆け出しのレイヤーです。 コスプレが好きで趣味でたまにします。 イベントの参加などのお知らせはtwitterで更新させていただきます。 更新、お知らせ、呟き等→ ※ It is carefree update fledgling layer on an irregular basis. Cosplay and occasionally in your favorite hobby is. Notice of such events participation of updates in twitter. Update, announcements, tweets, etc.→
  • Singapore
    みんなさん、はじめまして。 私はバネシサです。どうそよろしくお願いします。 ごめん、日本ごがあまりわかりません。 Hello! I'm Van, Nice to meet everyone :D I'm a photographer from Singapore. Thank you for visiting :D Fav list <3 Final Fantasy Detective Conan Kuroshitsuji Rurouni Kenshin Eyeshield 21 Daiya no Ace Trinity Blood D greyman Marvel Diablo [Deviantart]: [Facebook] :
  • China
    I'm from China. I am a boy. Is a cosplay rookie ~ Nice to meet you ~ 住在北京~ 微博@灵源道长
  • Brazil
    hello staff WorldCosplay I call my elisangela am known by the nickname Liiz ( itachi uncle ) I'm 20 , I do cosplay to five years. animes that I enjoy and there are many for me to write ... well want to know but me or sees my photos but algunas curtam my fan page :
  • r
  • Malaysia
    你好,我是Aringo 小蚂蚁 :) 本身是Forever cos舞蹈团队的成员 本是V+控 LL控 歌姬控 双马尾控 欢迎大家来订阅我们哦w 【个人FB】 【团队FB】: 【instagram】: 【Twitter】: 【weibo】(少量更新): event invite→ or FB
  • China
  • Taiwan
    Hello * ^ O ^ *!!I am a cosplayer from Taiwan I'm glad you liked my work (///▽///) Here is my contact information: ๑Personal Facebook ~ ✧Facebook Page~ ♥PLURK~ ♪weibo~ ☸E-mail~ (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥Welcome to Taiwan find me playing and cosplay together (≧∀≦)ゞ
  • Philippines
    Hellow My name is Jayson :)) I am a cosplayer from the philippines ★★★ Thank you for visiting and viewing my photos ! Please do rate.(人´∀`*)