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  • Kai
    United States
  • United States
    I'm a cosplayer from the Mid-Atlantic USA. I mainly do Vocaloid (particularly Kagamine) and anime cosplays. Facebook: Tumblr: Youtube:
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
    HI!! I'm Alaxia. Call me Ren! Cosplayer from Thailand. I love ANIME & Cosplay. ♥ Please follow me and hope you like my pictures. Nice to meet you!!! ☆ เร็นมุ้งมิ้งๆเจ้าค่า~~~ ฝากผลงานเค้าด้วยน้าาาา \ (●´ω`●) / เคะบุ๊งบิ๊งแก้มป่องนุ่มนิ่มมากเลยนะจะบอกให้!! 始めまして。 私は じん です。  よろしくお願いします。 (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ !!! ~~♪♬
  • Hungary
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    Hello((≧(≧▽(≧▽≦(≧▽≦)≧▽≦)▽≦)≦))) _(:3」∠)_ 大家好这里是魍妖骴。←是个喜欢化妆的家伙。 weibo: Welcome to communication with me VR!Gothic!ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ┯━┯.. 更新夜幽祭社团相关cos 夜幽祭成员 【魍妖骴】【殇亦宸】【血翼】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】【】
  • Philippines
  • France
    Hey ! My name is Coline but call me Calypso ! I love Cosplay ! Instagram : ____Calypso____ Facebook : Coline Igonin Follow me, like !
  • Canada
  • Sweden
    Hi! I'm Arcensia; a 16 years old cosplayer from Sweden./)^w^/) Started cosplaying June 2013. Next con:Närcon 2014 You can find me at: Instagram/Arcensia Youtube/Arcensia
  • France
    Hi I'm weeria ! French cosplayer I'm 13 yo and I love draw ... ^^ my deviantART :
  • United States
    I am Edward. or you can call me rinny I like both. yes I'm a girl with the name Edward but its a nickname. I love anime and manga and also... I LOVE BANZAI PRO! they are so awesome. I admire valda and oz for their epic cosplay skills. I also love vocaloid. I only have one coplay but I hope you peoples like it. 5 months until ani-jam!
  • United States
    Nice to meet you, my name is Keiko! I am 15 years old. I have been cosplaying for 3 years! I am a member of KawaiiKos Instagram ❤ DeviantArt ❤ Tumblr ❤ Group Instagram ❤
  • Taiwan
  • United States
  • United States
    Welcome everyone! I'm Lia Sage and this is Jack Ass, hehehe sorry. Anyway, I would love to show you all my cosplay groups cosplays and such. All costumes are made by me unless stated differently~ Welcome and please enjoy!