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    My FB page: My DA:
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    Hi guys~ Im Lizzy from Slovakia and Im cosplayer since 07 and Im part of the Gensoukyoku Cosplay Group on YouTube. ~ 7jun - 11519~765~22 ASK - Blog - DeviantArt - Tumblr - My FB - Cure: Thanks for look my galleries~ and following my pages :*
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    Hola Mucho gusto,soy de Jalisco,México,no llevo mucho haciendo cosplay pero espero mejorar con el tiempo,yo hago esto por diversion y no espero nada ni dinero ni reconocimientos ni nada por el estilo,espero que les gusten mis cosplay y gracias por sis valoraciones y por seguirme.
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    Hello, I'm Tsukuyomi Keito Cosplayer from pekanbaru,Indonesia FB account :
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    Thank you for visiting!*^^* Have a nice day today~ 안녕하세요, 대한민국 남부권(대구권)코스어 강현입니다! 블리치,나루토,쿠로코의 농구,카니발 주로 파고 있습니다. 트위터 팔로우나 블로그 이추,서이추는 언제나 환영합니다(^u^)// Blog: Twiter:
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    my name is rhiannon, the name rhianime is an idea i had to mix my name with anime, i am 15 years old and have been cosplaying since 2011. i love going to conventions and have more cosplay to come. DA- facebook- tumblr- youtube-
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    Hi there. I'm Nezu-chan, little starting cosplayer (ehm...cosfailer :3) from CZ. So, how do you like my first cosplay? ^-^I'll give here new photo as soon possible. >˛< Ps: I'm so sorry for my bad english. ˘˛˘
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    Thank you for visit ^^. my name is hong . nice to meet you everybody. FB page: Twitter :
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    Yo people! xD I'm Kissajda and I'm from Czech Republic! I'm trying to be cosplayer...but I'm cosfailer. xDDDD I hope you like my cosplays! ^w^ <3 ☆dA account☆ ☆Twitter☆ ☆YouTube☆ ☆Instagram☆ ☆FB page☆
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    Hi! I'm a beginning cosplayer from the Czech Republic. ^^ I haven't got more photos of my cosplays there, cause I don't have any time to take them xD [Facebook]--- [Ask]--- My CPs: -Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach -Gray Fullbuster, Fairy tail -Kasamatsu Yukio, Kuroko no basket -Ouma Shu, Guilty crown -Ittoki Otoya, Uta no prince-sama NICE TO MEET YOU! <3 ;-)
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    ☆☆☆ 【FB】: 【FB PAGE】: 【DEVIANTART】: 【YOUTUBE】: ☆☆☆