Sydney A.R~ (syd23GR)
  • El Salvador
    Hola, soy Juliuske, cosplayer salvadoreño. Hago cosplay desde finales del 2008. Facebook: Twitter: DevianART:
  • United Kingdom
    Hello hello, names Spider, been cosplaying only since 2008. Preferred generas of interest are Comics, Movies and Video Games. Places to look for my of my costumes and whatever else: Also UK Cosplayers search for UK Cosplay on Facebook and join our growing community. -Spider
  • United States
    I am a cosplayer and also a costumer. I have multiple sites so feel free to check any of them out!
  • Canada
    Hey everyone! I'm a Toronto based Cosplayer and Illustrator. Huge Gundam fan and fan of many a sci-fi anime, movie and videogame. Lately I've been looking at more movie and videogame based cosplay so keep your eyes out! Online: FB: Tumblr: Insta:
  • United States
    Hi! I'm Solo from Inner Mind Theater Cosplay! Find Me Here! (I can upload characters on Deviantart that aren't listed here on Worldcosplay)