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律子 (Ritsuko)
Hong Kong
  • Macao
    FB: 多多指教~歡迎勾搭>W<~
  • Hong Kong
    I'm a Hong Kong student, I love anime and cosplay. (:3 I'm a chatterヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Nice to meet you (///▽///)wwwww My Instagram:BALL_EEE
  • South Korea
    Hello. My name is Lina ! Nice to meet you.♡ (리나 = リナ = Lina) 코스프레를 하는것도 좋아하지만 보는것도 많이 좋아합니다 *uvu*♡ Blog. 1500팔로워 감사드립니다 8▽8)♡
  • South Korea
    Thank you ♥♥ twitter ▼
  • Viet Nam
    > My cosname is || Cira ||. Myself also can be know as Caelestis Aeroides Draconis > On WCos, I'll upload both cosplay photo shooting's pics and convention's pics. > If I follow & rate you, that's mean I'm really admired your works, not that I need you to follow & rate me back. So, only F & R me if you truly like my works, not because you need to pay me back my F & R. >> Instagram: caelestiaeroides_draconis >> deviantART: caelestis-a-draconis >>
  • Hong Kong
    nice to meet you (^o^)丿I am a cosplayer from HongKong~ 我是副長(*´∀`*)請多多指教~ ( σ°▽°)σ facebook: ( σ°▽°)σ page:
  • Hong Kong
    大家好 (●´∀`●)ノ 我是來自香港的coser 工口_EroK (Ero) Homo 一隻^qqqqqq^ 雖然各種崩崩,但仍然很努力地希望做到最好!!!! 請大家多多指教^qqqq^ FB page:
  • DDT
    呃呃呃 只是突然找到了一个屯图的好地方
  • Hong Kong
    //Cosplayer / Amateur Photographer in HK //香港的COSer / 新手 攝影師 Still learning, advice appreciated! <(^_~*)7 還在學習,有改善之處請多多指教 FB Page:
  • Japan
    日本人です。女です。齢は24です。 好きなアニメ作品のコスしてます。大好きなコス仲間さんとコス充して生きてます。 池袋アコスタとかよく参加してます。 仲良くして下さい!(^^) Twitter →@paru_cos
  • Hong Kong
    這是小祭~ 家教大愛~ ****這段時間因某些原因而未能夠用con****所以希望各位諒解 ((新手渣渣一名...)) 以後也請大家多多指教!! Weibo : BCY : instagram : Twitter:
  • ai
    白石蔵ノ介が好きです テニプリ/凪あす/鋼錬/犬夜叉/ツバサ/CCさくら/まどマギ/刀語/三國無双etc archive: Twitter:@ai_piriri
  • China
    Hello~We are Baozi & Hana~We are Chinese but studying in Singapore now~ Thank you for your love and follow~~=3=~~~ 【Weibo】 【FB】 【Twitter】 【Email】
  • Hong Kong
    這邊是kidaヾ(○´▽`○)ノ!yoroshiku!!!! 歡迎小單車同好多多交流\^q^/ This is Kida from Hong Kong <3 ===================== Facebook : FB Page:
  • Hong Kong
    Hellow I'm Tina~ cosplayer from Hong Kong(# Nice to meet you! - FB:Tcy Tina Instagram:tcytinaaa
  • Hong Kong
    ↳‹Facebook› ___________________________ Here is NEKOME from Hong Kong Nice to meet you all! よろしくお願いします♪ I can read English, Chinese and Japanese! ______________________________ ♥ 嵐*'◇')ノノ`∀´ル).゚ー゚)´・∀・`)`・з・´) Hey! Say! JUMP(´‘▽‘`)(o・ω・)(・д・) ピコ赤飯vip店長nero ラブライブ!・8・` ときレス-司|ホリミヤ|暗殺教室|金田一|ダンガンロンパ|刀剣乱舞-鳴狐