Laki★ (Laki Stellar)
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    Hello everyone i m Kuro Ori nice to meet you all in this virtual world world online just like to enjoy myself with cosplay and dress up in different style for photo shoot and go to event to meet people from all around the world love to travel from place to place just to feel and experience life in different way
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    PHOTOGRAPHER Visit my other pages
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    Goes by Anuhesut/ Anu on English sites and 八樺(やかば)on Japanese sites. Bilingual in English and Mandarin. Understand some Japanese. Deep inside Blazblue/Guilty Gear fandom for these few years... 近年主なアーク格闘ゲーム系です。Twitter/FBで生息〜 アーカイプ: 329506 中文交流也可以。主要在推特混。 ~ 2016コス予定~ 「5月」 スパコミ二日目GGプチ GGXrd - ソル 「7月」 GG2 - 連王 「8月」 ギアプロジェクト(ソルあわせ計画中)- 聖ソル GGXX - ディズィー(海賊団) 「9月」 Bloodborne - Maria 「10月」 BBCF - ナオト GGXrdR - レイヴン
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    Cosplay photos of cosplay events held in Singapore taken by Alan Reeves The below is my page where I post all my photos. Facebook: Alan Reeves Facebook Page: Reeves Photography
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  • Singapore
    Kitska・キツカ・INFP・A+型・辰・てんびん座・左手・ドM・リバ・メガネ・狼耳・赤ずきんたん・腐人 コスプレ・うた☆プリ・HQ!!・弱ペダ・SB69・刀剣乱舞・宮野真守・吉野裕行・NEW☆ORDER Cosplayer and Crossplayer since late 2005, pleased to meet you! Facebook page:
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    Just shoot!
  • Philippines
    My name is Sese Belataine Ostara. I’m a cosplayer, blogger & a Japanese fashion enthusiast who is constantly drowning in feels. I reside in a tropical country called Philippines. You can find me in the following sites: Blog: Facebook Page: Deviant Art: Ample:
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    Armored Cosplayer from Singapore... Well, mostly. Part of the Singapore Representative of Cosfest's Asia Cosplay Meet 2012, I first started cosplaying in year 2007 and it's been a while since then. Haven't been the most active cosplayer around in recent years and all these fading in and out is helping me transform into an armored ninja. Feel free to comment and discuss prop making and other topics with me, I am overly-friendly 70% of the time :3c FB Page:
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    Hi everyone~, I'm Zyperia, I've joined cosplay during April 2015 so I still quite a newbie in Cosplay. >< So any comments or advice to improve my cosplay will be greatly appreciated~ ( ° 8 ° ) For now I only cosplay as my fravorite character which is Kotori Minami from Love Live! School Idol Project. Nice to meet you~ Please do follow me for my latest updates and I'll follow you back~!
  • Spain
    Hii! my nickname is Lucy Dark Dreams Barcelona (Spain) cosplayer & photographer cosmaker & wigmaker & plushmaker All Photos in my other accounts: fb page-> deviantart-> Instagram-> twitter-> cosplay amino->
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    I'm from a sunny little island called Singapore. Nice to meet you. 私はアクアです。よろしくお願いします。 More of my cosplay works can be seen here: Check out my video channel for Yuna sending cosplay video: - Might not appear very often in this page, not too fond of ranking sites. But I'm happy to meet new friends and learn new ideas.
  • China
    你好,我的CN是 星游酱,来自中国,是一个新手摄影,最喜欢四糸乃啦! 主要活动于广东省的广佛肇地区,一般活动于漫展,看到身上最多四糸乃的摄影就是我啦ww,喜欢看新番,看到喜欢的cos就会点赞和关注! 只会粤语和普通话,其他语言都不擅长,但我会尽量使用软件翻译交流的! sina: QQ:719828923
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    Viet Nam
    [ HCM ] Cosplay (since 2011) and Photography (since 2015) . FB: Flickr: BCY: DA: