YOSUKE (Yosuke Sora)
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    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my WorldCos profile! ❤ Mitsuki here! ❤ ☀️ Myanmar Cosplayer based in sunny Singapore! ☀️
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    English/Japanese [OK] Korean [eh] Art Major (Animation) College Student Rookie Cosplayer Pls Support and no hate
  • China
    影をのみ御手洗川のつれなきに 身の忧きほどぞいとど知らるる ——六条御息所《源氏物语》
  • France
    初めまして、私はフランスからのCosです。 よろしくお願いします ♥ 【INSTAGRAM】https://instagram.com/midoko_cos/ 【TWITTER】https://twitter.com/midoko39
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  • Canada
    Hello, I'm a Canadian cosplayer since 2016. Still learning about this amazing world of cosplay. Instagram: Dawn_ulexit
  • Philippines
    hi! i'm Hennessee but you can call me henny. instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otaku_akashinigami/ facebook: m.facebook.com/HennesseePanistante
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