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    Becoming Mari Illustrious Makinami.
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    I'm Thai cosplay photographer. Visit my fanpage here
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    我曾经为了cos而cos,但是现在我却发现自己有多喜欢cosplay这件事,现在我的身边有了很多朋友很多人。即使我犯过错,伤害过什么人,他们,coser,却是温柔的原谅我,我曾经受过打击,以后一定会更多的受到打击,但是我却愿意走这条路,一直走下去! 还有就是,我爱黑兔馆!! i just like cos very much. i am not the best coser. but i want to be better in the future. i want to make more friends.
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