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LoneWolfcoser (LoneWolf)
United States
  • Peru
    hello am a Peruvian cosplayer with improvement goals .. cosplay is my passion ... but not arrives perfectly haciedo I enjoy cosplay ... you can visit my facebook page:
  • Mexico
    Hello! ☆ I'm a mexican Cosplayer/Crossplayer. I am a short person; I measure just 1.52.... Since 2012 ¡Hola! ☆ Soy cosplayer y Crossplayer de México, exctamente de Nuevo León. Soy una persona bajita :c mido solamente 1,52. Hago esto con mucho amor desde el 2012. I really love to do Cosplay. It is more than a passion for me , is also a therapy because of my anxiety disorder. I love this, and at the same time fills me with pride . I hope you like my work.
  • Syo
    Hi Hi!!! I am Syo (/*0*)/ I am a Chilean cosplayer and Cosmaker.... My world revolves around anime. ♥ I'll do my best to improve every day! ;) ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Canada
    Welcome ~ εїз If you like my cosplay, Like my facebook page ! ★ Thanks you !! 【Facebook】: 【Tumblr】: 【Twitter】: ( ゚∀゚ )彡✿
  • Ajo
    Hello,I am 阿兆(Ajo) I come from Taiwan,nice to meet you :D 【FaceBook FanPage】 Cure No.62294
  • Colombia
    Hello people! I´m Minato from Envigado-Colombia, I like to make cosplay, but really, my way is propmaker. Please enjoy my prop works in facebook: Instagram: @minatokurai
  • Brazil
    Olá, sou a Yara, porem sou mais conhecida como Shizu Yaa (Shizu por causa do personagem de Durarara!! Heiwajima Shizuo , e Yaa por causa do meu nome real. Faço cosplay à uns 4 anos mais ou menos. Sou membro do Grupo Cosplay de Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas , chamado de STARS OF DESTINY (represento o cavaleiro Asmita de virgem). Espero que gostem <3
  • Russia
  • Indonesia
    こんにちは!~ 私はミクです. よろしく!~ Helllo , i'm Miku Kairi~ Nice to meet you all! Samarinda, East Borneo. Twitter account : @VocaMiku Facebook : Soundcloud :
  • Indonesia
    Hello to all fellow cosplayers around the world~ my name is Kenta :3 and i just recently joined world cosplayー i hope i can make new friends from here~ Nice to meet you~ こんにちわ世界のコスプレ仲間~ わたしの名前わけんたですー 「world cosplay」に最近参加私の じゃあみんな、よろしくお願いします~w ID || ING || JP *~ Contact Me ~* Email:, Facebook: Twitter: @kenta_kentaki
  • Indonesia
    i'm Javanese Cosplayer From Indonesia I Live in Surakarta middle java Indonesia love Japan culture, anime, martial art, music, etc my dream some day i will go to japan.and meet Doraemon :D
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
    No ACG no life( ´▽` )ノ No game no life(!!?) I am a new cosplayer>///<(weak) Pls make friends with me! SINA(新浪微博) Cure: Line:bs0311 非中文真是扼殺了我的話癆啊...... 因為小內向(少來)所以只用了新浪微博,大多照片也是那邊的相冊吧/// 漫畫/動畫基本上什麼類型都看也都很喜歡W不過生存遊戲類型看了好多? 惡搞、黑暗和萌妹是我的大喜好,遊戲喜歡N+C比較多,光速蒙面俠21是我的本命作品,喜歡ACG的同伴請跟我做朋友吧>///<(抖抖抖) 剛開始玩COS甚麼都還不懂,但是非常喜歡,希望可以慢慢學習,請大家多多指教!我只是一條渺小的蟲子請不要在意我我浪費了大家的時間占用了新鮮的空氣損害了世界的網速真是抱歉喔喔喔喔喔~!~!~!(土下座)
  • United States
    I am a San Antonio, Tx Cosplayer. Been Cosplaying since 2012. I attend most of all the Texas Cons. Fallow me at my page
  • Switzerland
    Hello my lovely peoples just started to cosplay still have a lot to learn, anyway hope you like it i love to make friends :) lots of love Tetsuya *Instagram*
  • Thailand
    LapisLazuli From Thailand ( -(エ)-人) FB☆彡 IG☆彡 xLapisLazulix