YUKO (Titti Troiano)
Hi guyz! :3 I'am an Italian girl named Titti but if you want you can call mewith my cosplayer's name: Yuko (in honor of the name of my bunny "Snow" that in Japanese is said "Yuki").

For me the world of cosplay is simply my own place, where imagination is the star and for a day you can live in a fairy tale, remaining children and free, in this little big colorful world without barriers. ;D
  • WorldCosplay No.44742
  • NicknameYUKO
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionRepubblica Italiana
  • NadiaSK
  • Astarohime Koyu
  • Ai-doll
  • Mitsuko
  • 小雷
  • 白川汐
  • Princess ValeChan
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  • Gin
  • Panda Saeros
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  • 櫻井蒼月/喬巴巴
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