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  • China
    大龄冷门电玩爱好者。十一年COSPLAY龄。 Cosplaying since 2004 主要角色方向: 成人PC游戏、携带类主机游戏、女神异闻录Persona系列 [Ero Game][Portable Game] and [Megaten\Persona] 终身本命是来自[女神异闻录4]的IZANAGI. My favorite person is Izanagi from Persona4. 0w0 Persona4 Fan site Cure No.96978 Sina Weibo: Lofter Tumblr
  • Japan
    ※if you offer or message to me please send in Japanese or people who can understand Japanese. I’m so glad for your action. Web>> Cure>> LayerCroud>> Archive>>
  • Japan
    ゲーム・漫画・アニメ中心です!!関西中心に活動中です♬ 耳が聞こえないので、呼ぶときは、近くにいるときは肩とか背中を軽く叩いてください。会話のすべてが筆談です。 よろしくお願いします★ 読者モデルやってるが、大阪でフリーモデルやっております。 My name is Tocchi. It is Japan. The model is done in Japan. When I call it because I am deaf, I am light, and please swat a shoulder or a back when there is it near. All of the conversation is conversation by writing. A mouth talk is not possible. I'm sorry. I am a hearing loss.
  • Russia
    Hi everyone! I'm a russian cosplayer, cosplaying since 2002 I hope you like my works ^^ Enjoy! © Any using of the photos for commercial purposes and photo-manipulations are strictly prohibited. Reposting is allowed, provided credits and links.
  • Japan
    I am a Japanese cosplayer! I love ANIME&Cosplay オタクコスプレイヤーっす!大阪人(笑) どうぞよろしく! ■Facebook: ■twitter: ■cure: ■ARCHIVE: ■新浪微博:
  • Rei
    Hi, everyone! I'm Russian cosplayer Rei, you can also know me as Malro-doll. I'm glad to share my works with you, hope you like it! ^__^ Official fanpage of our team on facebook - You can also watch me here
  • Taiwan
    ☆ 【Face Book】: ☆ 【Weibo】: ☆【PLURK】:
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  • Philippines
  • China
    姓名:迟慕晔 爱好:看动漫,漫画书,动画片,看动漫电玩图片 特长:模仿SD娃娃,让社里的每个人都放心,讨好爸爸妈妈 喜欢的食品:巧克力,巧克力味冰淇淋,香草味的高乐高,薯片,牛肉汉堡 喜欢的动画片:《犬夜叉》等很多日本动画 最喜欢干的事情:COS SD娃娃,睡觉,逛街 社内身份:专用"洋娃娃" 性格:认真,单纯,谦虚 爱好:看漫画,动画……有关动漫的一切! 崇拜的COSER:[翎式]的其它成员,风间召唤,小狼…………(其实有粉多…………) 最初COS的时间:2004年7月 COS心得:没有钱是万万不能的!! COS代表作:N套SD……(不愧是招牌娃娃…………) 把SD发挥到及至的人.据说她因为cosSD而走火入魔导致日常生活中都像一个没有生命的娃娃一样. 很敬业的人啊!
  • China
    Hello I´m Miluku cosplayer chinese n.n hope you like my work my sites: ■ QZONE: ■ T.QQ: ■ EX BLOG: ■ WEIBO: ■ CURE: nice day !