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South Korea
  • Japan
    (・e・)< Hello!
  • Russia
    Nik. let's talk ... Follow us:
  • KYO
    name:虚菟(kyo) I am Japanese cosplayer. I love 『ONE PIECE』 and 『進撃の巨人』 We are doing what freedom is unrestrained in love at any time. Fun! We try to ♡ Please note that the BL love. 『Nitro+CHiRAL』 forever… Recently, I began 刀剣乱舞 Comment, etc. Thank you! It does not return too much, but let me read to cherish♡ 関西にてまったり気ままにコスしてます。 現在メインはONE PIECEと進撃の巨人で、その他好きなものを好きな時に。 腐ってますのでご注意ください。 Nitro+CHiRAL再熱、夏から噂の刀剣男子はじめます(^O^)
  • Brazil
    Brazilian cosplayer, 20 years old. Find me:
  • China
    Hi, I am Tarver~!! Glad to meet you~ JOJO*HXH*NARUTO*Saint*Gangsta >w<请多指教! 微博ID花京院羁绊子 FB:Tarver Liu
  • Taiwan
    「我們改變的世界是我們的未來」 本家: 一個月更新一次 FaceBook: 開始營運中 問答: 暫停回答中 今年目標: 古劍奇譚 甲賀忍法帖 原創系列
  • Chile
    Hiii you there!! :D Well~, I'm a Designer Student, from Chile, I'm 22 years old, and I like sing, draw, listen music, read marvel's comics and mangas too, but the thing most important that you need to know about me, is that I LOOOOOOVE!! COSPLAY!!!!, I can`t live without this, it's something that made me stronger, i think that i'm crazy♥♥ Byee~ Cure No. 152266
  • Australia
    Hello, I'm a cosplayer from Australia. I like JOJOS BIZARRE ADVENTURE, Sengoku Basara & Gintama Thanks for visiting friend! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ こんにちは!私はオーストラリアのコスプレーヤーです。 ジョジョの奇妙な冒険、 戦国BASARA & 銀魂 が好き🎵 私のページを見に来てくれてありがとう♡ Twitter: Straaay Instagram: Strayprince
  • South Korea
    ▶Blog ▶wix ▶twitter ▶COSMAKI --AMPLE
  • Singapore
    ♚ Deviantart: ♚ Email: ♚ FB: ♚ Instagram: Kazueeee ♚ Twitter: ♚Weibo: English/Chinese/Korean Ok~
  • Russia
    Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. My DA
  • China
    (*≧∀≦*)这里是乌鸦猫 JOJO/fate/家教/FT/POT是本命漫新番旧番都在看 好勾搭★ 微博: (*´▽`*)希望能交到更多朋友w
  • China
    I'm OSANG,a cosplayer from China . ♡DGM/JOJO/MAGI Hope you like my cosplay XD 【Weibo】
  • China
    Sina weibo link:
  • Spain
    See more here~~ [[ ]]
  • China
    Hi I'm a CosPLayeR frOm CHinA, ThaNK yoU for THe viSit❤ ★weibo: 希望能認識更多同好和朋友^qq^!! 陽炎Project|戰國BASARA|彈丸論破|死囚樂園|鑽石王牌|弱虫ペダル|ハイキュー!!|ZONE-00|ジョジョ☆ ◇【JOHNNY'S】【KAT-TUN】【L'Arc~en~Ciel】【SEKAI NO OWARI】◇ ❤【龜梨和也】【HYDE】【DANE DeHAAN】【中村明日美子】❤