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    大家好,我叫呆拔 PLURK:
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    関東でカメラメインで活動しています! 最近はジョジョとかマクロスとかFate/Zeroとか・・・ ボカロとか音楽も幅広く聴いたりしています。 お気軽にフォローしてください〜〜〜 My name is Akane. I love Macross frontiers very much. Please feel free to follow! Nice to meet you. 제 이름은 아카네입니다. 잘 부탁드립니다.
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    我是來自澳門的小靜靜 新手一名..還請多多指教! 這裡剛開始使用..所以比較少.. 有興趣的可以加我的FACEBOOK喔~ FACEBOOK:
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    yoroshiku minasan~ ^^ I am a Malaysian cosplayer and nice to meet you all :D hope that you will like my cosplay ;) FB: ask: email:
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    Made in China Love art and cosplay <3
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    Birthday 24\01\1998 Interests: music, Cosplay Activity: cosplayer, Photographer cosplayer already as 1 year.
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    银魂体深陷者。究极爆裂中二病,恋声控 GinTaMa!!!! 一起来刷微博吧~ =w=
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    Hi, i'm Inu ! Belgian Cosplayer since 2010. ^^ Fandoms : Vocaloid , Jojo's Bizarre Adventure , My Candy Love , Kuroshitsuji and so much more x) ! Join me there ! - Facebook : -Deviantart :
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    Hello, I'm (")mmm. (")mmm is read as 'Imomushi.' Thank you very much for looking at my pictures. I'm Japanese, but please don't hesitate to leave comments in English. (It doesn't have to be in Japanese.) I will try to reply as much as I can. I use English a little. I want foreign cosplayer friends. sometimes I use strange words, but I hope we can make good friends. (")mmmです。WorldCosplayでは英語のみを使って交流予定なので、もし日本人で交流して下さる方がいらっしゃいましたら、アーカイブでの交流を希望します。 archive:225852