• Belarus
    Greetings. I am from Belarus.I specialize in stage combat. So most of my photos either from the scene or from photographers at festivals. I hope you will like it. (Video presentations are in the descriptions to the photos)
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
    日安,是初入COS的夜秋,諸多不成熟處還請多指教>W< 慢慢累積經驗,和大家交朋友! ASK: 主力萌: 盜墓筆記,解雨臣迷妹、花邪主瓶邪輔,其餘CP也吃吃 火影,鼬鳴祭鳴,寧鹿嚼幾口(?
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  • China
    Hey~My name is Pure. まあ、私の名前は純。
  • Rei
    Rei here! ^^ Just your average Nerd that wanted to dress up. Cosplaying is a hobby of mine that feels like acting because you embody the character. Homestuck | Steven Universe | MLP | MCR | LoveLive! FB: <3 FB Page: Twitter: Instagram:
  • Japan
    東京でひっそりコスプレをしています。 構っていただければ幸いです^w^
  • Singapore
    I am just a simple hobbyist photographer based in Singapore, going around in every cosplay events to capture the smiles of every cosplayers. Also i do private photoshoot and wedding photography as a form of passive income. Do chat up with me and i won't bite i promise. ^^ Visit my facebook @ Facebook Page @
  • Costa Rica
    I'm cosplayer and propmaker of Costa Rica. My specialty is with characters from comics, TV series, movies and video games, everything that I like and I call attention as a challenge to create my next project. I am a movie lover so I always see my favorite characters from movies and superheroes. For me it is most important to be cosplayer be happy with what you do and then make others happy through your characters and a smile Facebook page:
  • Mexico
    Hi everyone, welcome to this space, I'm Francisco Lemus, a mexican photographer who's got into cosplay after trying on portrait photography, now I found a real passion on it and my main goal is to photograph cosplayers from all around the world. I hope you enjoy and like my pictures, I'm just trying to catch the great work of all the cosplayers I've worked with. You can find me in facebook: And my web page is
  • Colombia
    Hi all!! My name is Nathalia a.k.a Kyanita I´m from Colombia, and I´m Geologist Engineer and Cosplayer I Hope You like my work Please enjoy it!! n_n You can also know my work in my cosplay page: Facebook: If you want, send me a message (don´t be shy n_n) Twitter: Ask:
  • France
    Cosplayer since 2011, Geek, cosplaying one character (Vocaloid Kaito), that's enough, i think (or not haha) =3 Cosplayer depuis 2011, un seul pesronnage à mon actif, mais d'abord pour le plaisir ! Et peut être d'autres projets (^∇^)/ ☆★ TWITTER --> @Yoshimurableu ☆★INSTAGRAM --> bleuyoshimura ☆★ YOUTUBE --> Yoshimura Bleu
  • France
    Ya-Ha ^3^ I am 17 years old and I'm a French-Girl. I really love Cosplay >w< My Cosplays are quite simple and cheap, but... whatever, it's fun to make et wear it :-3 If you want, look at my Collections, to see my five Cosplays, and to learn more things about me n3n If you want, you can look my YouTube Channel (I made Anti-Nightcores ;-P) :
  • Taiwan
    «ナンバカ(Nanbaka)»黑白來看守所 發廚中♡♡♡♡ 歡迎大家有興趣一起交流喔^ ^ 有興趣約角,可以到FB專頁私訊喔XD Hello everyone ~ Welcome to the exchange of interest with everyone ^ω^ Interested around the corner, you can go to the FB ^.^ Welcome to click the Like button♡(歡迎大家來按讚♡) 【FB粉絲專頁】fan page 【YAM天空部落】
  • Brazil
    Hello EveryNyah! I'm Roberto a Brazilian cosplayer which almost never has money, old shirts, cardboard,masking tape and creativity are part of my cosplays!
  • Japan
    I do not overdo it happily without being eager. This is my thought. I feel very fun when I look at the person doing a favorite thing.I want to continue a cosplay happily, too. By the way, I am active in the Tokyo neighborhood of Japan.If there is a relationship; then thanking you in advance. Thank you. ご覧いただき、ありがとうございます。 趣味なので気負わず楽しく、無理のない程度に。 楽しそうにコスプレしている方々にとてもキラキラした魅力を感じます。 私もそうなれるように。 己のこだわりは追求しつつ、楽しんでいきたい! 関東圏で活動中。ご縁がありましたらよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m ブログ