Lily Tsubasa (Tsubasa)
Hong Kong
  • Philippines
    Hello, Im Anika Aicel ^_^ From Philippines :) feel free to add me or follow me on facebook :) i love chatting ^_^ lets be friends :) 【FB】: Follow me to my page : And follow me to my second facebook account : i hope we could be good friends ^_^
  • Russia
    Hi (^ω^) I'm a guy from Russia.I like cosplay ♥ I hope you like my works (・ω・)ノ ★ Facebook ★ ★ ★ Twitter ★ ★ ★ Weibo ★ ★ ★ DeviantART ★ ★ ★ Instagram ★ ★ ★ VK for Russians guys ★ ★ ★ E-MAIL ★ ★
  • Thailand
    Hi Everyone! im Jessi Chawn cosplayer from Asia ^^
  • Isa
    Hong Kong
    Cosplayer and maker from Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong
    這邊是柏木瞳,香港coser,小納米一隻oAo Hello, my name is kashiwagi hitomi. I'm a Hong Kong coser. Nice to meet you.
  • SM
    Hong Kong
    這裡是來自香港的低產量Cosplayer,Yuichi❀.(*´▽`*)❀. JOJO/Lovelive/歐美各種坑 Nice to meet you.Here is Yuichi, a cosplayer from HK. Cos plan: JOJO,LoveLive!!,DC and Marvel
  • Hong Kong
    Hello I am HarukaRin. 大家好,我是遙凌 I am a new coser. 我是新手 If you like my photo ,plz follow me thank you! 若喜歡我的照片,便follw我吧! よろしく
  • Goo
    Hong Kong
    I'm Goo(球),a cosplayer from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you guys. 日本語おK!한국어도 통해요. ♥Instagram: maruyukarin ♥Plurk:
  • Indonesia
    Hi my name is Ginanjar :o I've known a cosplay since 2004 ^o^ I live in Surabaya East Java Indonesia ;) i will following all of you ... ^^; heheheheheh.... nice to meet you cosplayers :p WOW new fitures!!! chatting!! :v let's chatting everyone!! XD~~ sorry if my english is bad :'(
  • United States
    Hello! Welcome to my WorldCosplay page! ❊Yuiki | 16 y/o ❊ ❊Since 2012 (✿´ ꒳ ` ) ❊ Nice to meet you! (´ ▽ ` )ノ I hope you enjoy all the photos too! (o´ω`o)
  • Australia
    私わまどぐうです。好きのまんがわフェアリテイルと学園アリス。好きのアニメわあの花とRWBYです。コスプレが大好き。よろしくお願いします。 pixiv: instagram: @guunyu
  • Hong Kong
    KULAです、私は香港からきたんです。 私の日本語と英語はまだまだダメです、 だから、よろしくお願いします(笑) This is KULA, I'm come from Hong Kong. My Japanese and English is very poor XDDDD Nice to meet you and thanks for follow! Facebook | Twitter |
  • Hong Kong
    這裡是米菓請多多指教www I am Miko OwO
  • Hong Kong
    大家好~~這裡是詩月ww 來自香港 2012年開始cosplay 請大家多多指教w Hi everyone~I am Mio Come form Hong Kong みなさん、こんにちは 私の詩月 よろしくお願いします FaceBook:sze moon Instagram:mio_ac FaceBook page:詩のcosplay日常 歡迎勾搭*\(^o^)/*
  • Hong Kong
    Hello~I am coser TeiS from Hong Kong. 這邊是帝釋ww 冷門專業戶,零系列以及三上真司大法好!恐怖rpg也十分喜歡! 很多時都比動畫早出,猜色失敗只怪TV化(如暗殺教室那幾輯)
  • Hong Kong
    Hello~I am NaNako~