Zaamy Chan (gomez chavez janetth)
ge: 17
height & weight: 1.68 m & 61 kg
favorite character: Kyouya , Alfons Elrick
crush anime character: Fye Tsubasa Chronicols
cosplay of my dreams: yurika souyu utaloid :3
favorite food: sea food :D
favorite class: History amm...amm...
now listen: Bad apple :D
favorite boy: my boy friend!?! :3
favorite date place: games and sing in my house :D !?!?!
favorite sport: games?!?!
i hate: stalkers
prefered arm: knife :D
prefered foot: are now x3
  • WorldCosplay No.42257
  • NicknameZaamy Chan
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionEstados Unidos Mexicanos
  • Shoma
  • Angel Salas
  • 萊姆
  • Shoma