Hawkeye (Ellyllona Cosplay)
United States
Hello! I'm rather new to the cosplay world - just started about a year ago - but I love it! All cosplays pictured that I am wearing at 90% to 100% sewn and crafted by me. Follow me to see the next epic cosplay I have planned or find me in person next at Otakon 2012!

In real life, I am a middle school science teacher (biology, physics, and chemistry) which gives me a lot of time during the summer to create these cosplays :)
  • WorldCosplay No.41965
  • NicknameHawkeye
  • Gender Female
  • Country/RegionUnited States of America
  • WifeKirei
  • Squall
  • Kiba Redfield
  • Telly
  • sy
  • annary shining
  • Joshua Axe
  • 白川汐
  • KitKat
  • Мартин Стојчевски
  • Erik Mesado
  • Esperanza
  • Pri Suicun
  • uahuahuahauha
  • Squall
  • Kiba Redfield
  • Joshua Axe
  • sy