Marie Mitsubachi
Nice to meet you :D
I'm Marie Mitsubachi from Japan.
I would like to communicate with people
who love COSPLAY from around the world!

I'm so looking fowoard to seeing COSPLAY PHOTOS contributed from overseas countries in this SNS,"WORLD COSPLAY"

If you take a fancy to my cosplay,please follow me with a light heart! :D
And, if you'd like,let me follow you!

Cure No. 167480(more images shown here!)
  • WorldCosplay No.41557
  • Gender Female
  • Country/Region日本
  • usa
  • Mad
  • U
  • Nadleeh
  • 黒威紅時
  • c601241885
  • Ivan Malkovich
  • みる貝
  • Spartan Without Name
  • kuumei
  • Ironwall
  • ♂ Garu & Kid ♀ ♡
  • ossanbugi
  • Acedia
  • Sakura Fuyu
  • Dark Angel V
  • Gin