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Kaoru Veleria (Kaoru Veleria)
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  • Russia
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
    Hello everyone!! I'm 天絶(TENZETSU), a Japanese cosplayer. I live in the NAGOYA sity where the World Cosplay Summit is held. I want to have a connection with the cosplayer of many countries. Please message me If you will come to NAGOYA or wont to contact me. はじめまして、天絶です! アニメ・漫画・ゲームが大好きで、気がついたらレイヤーになってました。 様々な国の素敵なコスプレイヤー様と交流を持ちたいと思いますので、気軽にお声掛けください! しかし、英語は得意ではなく、現在勉強中です(汗 よろしくお願いします!
  • Ukraine
    Hello, I'm cosplay-photographer and cosplayer from Ukraine,Kiev check please my other pages ^^ ☆ weibo ☆ FB ☆ DeviArt ☆ Inst ☆ Tumblr ☆ VK ☆ Twitter ☆ Cure No. 381451 ☆ mail
  • CAA
    Check CAA Magazine #23 in --------- The CAA is a photographic agency dedicated to conceptual and cosplay photography. WWW.CAAMAGAZINE.COM.BR We publish a Digital magazine with photographic works, taken by the CAA, dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi and cosplay culture. Photographers of the CAA: Ronaldo Ichi & Valesca Braga .... WEIBO - Twitter - @clickarteacao Facebook -
  • kou
    Nice to meet you. My name is kou. Let me introduce myself. I was brought up in Tokusina Japan. I'm very easygoing. Sorry for my poor English. Nice to meet you. はじめまして(`・ω・´)ゞ 僕は煌(コウ)と言います!! 日本の徳島って所に住んでいて 主に四国で活動しております^^
  • yuu
  • Philippines
    I'm Roderick Miavalles from the Philippines a newbie Cosplayer but an old school con goer(and enjoying it) Cosplay as Anbu Captain, Afro Samurai and 008 from Cyborg 009 and Mathiue from Eureka 7 Attending Cons/Photoshoot events is Awesome! Me and my Kiddo(Sean Vergil Miravalles) will see you next con! Yosh!
  • Indonesia
    Hi, I'm Nagisa Medinilla Nadaviana✩ An Indonesian cosplayer♫ I'm based in South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia❤ I either hand sewed or glued some costumes, sorry for the imperfections o(╥﹏╥)o Let's be friends! \(≧∀≦)/ Facebook Page: Blog: Cure: 359784
  • Brazil
    Hello I am Antony Evans Photographer Brazilian, Publicity and admirer of comics, movies, Manga Anime among other elements of pop culture. Visit my page:
  • Hong Kong
    大家好 米米係新手coser赤犬君 多多指教 希望可以同多啲親有cp機會啦
  • Italy
    Next Cosplay : SandBarioth Blademaster Isaac from Log Horizon Lon'qu from FEA Gallantmon from DigimonTamers Mosgharl X MonsterHunter Dream Cosplay.... Tyrael from Diablo series
  • Malaysia
    Hello Mina-san~ \>w</ I'm Neko from Malaysia. (Nyan~~) Nice to meet you all~ ^^ *Yoroshiku!* 你们好~ \>w</ 我是来自马来西亚的 Neko(尼克)~ (喵~~) 很高兴能认识各位~ ^^ *请大家多多指教!*
  • Malaysia
    Derick rickky-desu~~ age of 19 PENANG,MALAYSIA FB : devianART :
  • Malaysia
    Photography is like a journey of a lifetime.