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桃井萤 (MomoiHotaru)
United Kingdom
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  • China
    Facebook: ASK: cure: 微薄/weibo(中国語ですみません) 【刀剣乱舞】 明石国行X萤丸コス動画 【K猿美中心】【コス本通販①LAST SMILE】 【K猿美】COS向part2_中学时期 【ダンガンロンパ2_COS】「PV」狛枝凪斗 動画
  • China
    cn 零熾凰 (零LINGCH) Not very talkative, tired of time doesn't talk much, Occasionally people feel difficult to approach. Like a quiet environment.Afternoon tea and some friends to get-together. For cos, perfectionism that a little carp,The best original works is I to own the basic requirements. 「Weibo」 「Face book」ID.零LINGCH( ) 「Ask」 Cure No. 330554 【零式工作室】
  • United Kingdom
    來自中國北京的初心coser京極萌子~ 目前在英國学舞台服装设计,希望可以結識很多英國友人❤ 喜歡美好的事物和迪斯尼 LDD娃媽,偶像題材狂熱愛好者XD 希望能看到自己的進步~ —————————❀—————————— I'm Kyogoku Moeko from China Currently studying costume design in London, so I'd like to know more friends in the UK❤ Disney lover and LDD collector. Hope to be better as a cosplyer~\(≧▽≦)/~ DeviantArt: Ins: kyogokumoeko 新浪微博/Sina Weibo: 半次元cosplay: Cure No. 346533