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South Korea
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  • South Korea
    こんにちは韓国のコースプレーヤーです 不足したのが多いが、努力しています アニメ、漫画、本当に好きです♥ よろしくお願いします tweeter-@oklolv 안녕하세요 미하나 입니다 아직 많이 부족한 코스어 이지만 잘 부탁드립니다~♥ 블로그
  • Viet Nam
    Hello I was Human ~ Mako ~
  • China
    大家好,我是燃灼焰,最喜欢家庭教师的沢田纲吉,欢迎交流,爱你们哦 Hi, I'm HONO, favorite Tsunayoshi, welcome to communicate, love you 最も好きなさわだ つなよし
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요. 한국 코스어 유라 (Yura) 입니다 : ) 좋아하는건 Fate - Saber , Aion , lol - sona / Ahri , Love Live 이구요. 소품 제작하는것도 좋아합니다. 잘 부탁드려요~!
  • South Korea
    Hi, My name is Yensi. Nice to meet you, and please don't steal my photos. はじめまして。どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。 한국 코스튬플레이어 옌시입니다. 잘 부탁드려요. (*´ω`*)゛ (´ ▽`).。 I like ♥ and follow >3<
  • Russia
    You can support my page | 请支持我的页面 我会很高兴 ★ Facebook ★ ★ ★ Twitter ★ ★ ★ DeviantART ★ ★ ★ Instagram ★ ★ Hi everyone! I am a cosplayer from Russia,Moscow. I am be fond off cosplay since 2009. My real name is Mery. All cosplays I do myself. I like to sew and craft something new!
  • South Korea
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
    Hi everyone!! welcome to my profile page . Feel free to look around!! Thank you for the favorite and following me. Please message me when you want to contact me or have a question I'll try my best to reply all of them. ***************************** FB page >> My BCY >> Ample >>
  • South Korea
    Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm Mosillan cosplayer from South Korea. I don't speak English.... but I'm studying that. I'll update my photos for a time. I hope we will become good friends. Thank you. --------------- 전국권 20살 여자 코스어 모시리엔이라고 합니다 잘부탁드려요! <blog>
  • South Korea
    Nice to meet you Costume player 'Gamyu' 안녕하세요 코스튬플레이어 'gamyu' 입니다. Like : CLAMP, SAILOR MOON, IDOL, LOVE LIVE, MACROSS F Cure No. 238603 twitter @gagamyu SALE CORNER _ KOREAN BLOG _ 블로그 이웃 환영합니다 '♡' 대화를 원하실 경우 트위터 부탁드려요!! '-')~
  • Mon
    合作聯絡處E-mail❥ ❥ Facebook ❥Instagram ❥ Blog ❥ World Cosplay ❥ Weibo ❥ Cure ❥ plurk ❥ ASK ❥ YouTube
  • Hong Kong
    I am ying, a cosplayer from Hong Kong! Thankyou for viewing :) facebook: yam: plurk:
  • South Korea
  • South Korea
    19 중부권 코스어 왕소군 입니다:)♡
  • South Korea
    Hello - ♥ I am Korean cosplayer and photographer Hitsu. I can speak little English. Feel free to message If you want to talk to me. I HAPPY to meet you ! 코겸사 히츠코입니다 ♥ 잘부탁드려요 >//< ☆Blog: ☆Twitter: @glcmzh