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    初めまして、こんにちは HUNTER×HUNTER大好きです…!! Twitter:kiara_touhu archive:
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    Hello, how are you? (^・ω・^ ) I like cosplay and I share them. (=^-ω-^=)
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    如果 我能去美国E3大展 期待邂逅真女神
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    Hi Everyone its Jason Melbourne Cosplayer and Photographer + Editor Nickname: Yuki Age: 24 I hope to make a lot of friends :D Australia, Melbourne d^o^b Feel Free to add me :
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    Cosplayer from the Netherlands since 2008. I have a tendency for cosplaying psychotic characters. 8D I've been active as a cosplay photographer for RE:PLICA ( but as of 2016 I am now taking photos under my own nickname, MikoBura: Facebook: + DeviantArt: +
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