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小衣 (Koromo)
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    ♡-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------☆ =>My Blog Tistory: Tumdir: =>Link`s KaKaO Story: ZUM: Mini E 주위사항:사진,이미지올리신분만 팔로잉신청허락하겠습니다. 오늘도 행복과기뿜이가득한하루보내세요 친하게지내는저와여러분들이계셔서 늘 행복합니다.
  • Malaysia
    Hi everyone, My name is Jaster Wong. Is my pleasure to capture cosplay photograph. This is my Facebook page: Hope you all like it.
  • Malaysia
    I am Fritz ... i am not a potato :3 I am fairly new in World Cosplay, but i have uploaded most of my work mostly on my Facebook Page, link down below. FB : Dev : Email :
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    I can do all things in a otaku perspective- cosplay, video games, music, card & board games, and anime & manga reviews. But if there is anything else I do from the outside or inside of the perspective, and want to know more about myself, just ask nicely about me. But don't worry I won't bite... this much... sometimes.
  • Brazil
    Follow me instagram -->
  • Malaysia
    MINASAN Konichiwa!!Watashi no Fubuki des~~ 大家好~~我是一位新手的Cosplayer~~是去年11月,,才加入Cosplay界♡♡多多支持~多多指教♤♤本人今年加入蛮多团的说>>Love Live,AKB0048,还有就是加入一个Love Live永久团♥♥开心啊★-★ 本人5月就开始第一次的外拍~~到时,回会上传很多照片啊♛♛期待♞因为本人还没有开始进行第一次的Cos~~所以个人头像就先放真人照片◆◆多多包涵 des♚ CN(Cosplay Name)):Chihiro Fubuki♡吹雪 Facebook Fanpage:
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    Hi, I'm Suzuhana Yuuta. A photographer. I really love Cosplay & Cosplayer, so I want to be friends with all Cosplayer in the world. Nice to meet you all :3 Love ya !!!!! By the way, please support this Worldcosplay account: Thank you :D
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    ★☆Hello! Welcome to follow meXD Can call me Angela / Qi miao haha>< ★☆ヽ(^o^)丿アンジエラともおします。どうぞ宜しくお願いします。 ★☆大家好,这里是奇喵 /Angela。 请多多指教。 >﹏< 欢迎追踪我。 半次元↓ 微博↓
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