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  • Kau
  • South Africa
    Hey there fellow cosplayers and friends, If you enjoy my work you can find more at- - For My Joker cosplay - For all the other characters I work on - and for both my cosplay and art Thanks for checking me out! and If you like my pages on FB I shall return the favour :D
  • United States Instagram: @the_vulcan_timelord And Facebook
  • Singapore
    hallo :D cosplaying is my fav thing to do lols ok idk wat esle to say ^>/////<^ heres the link to mai deviant art XD
  • Japan
    *中四国、関西で活動してます。 *99.9%男装しかしてません。 *一緒に住んでる相方・AKIYAが専属カメラをしてくれています。 *「C-CUTEラジオ」は一旦お休みに入りました。楽しみに聞いてくださってたリスナー様、本当にありがとうございました! Twitter @kai_yachi · Cross only. ・Partner living together has done a dedicated camera. · "C-CUTE radio" has to take a rest once. Listener like, thank you really had me listen to fun! · It is not good English, but since I read Good luck, everyone around the world, please get along
  • Philippines
    Hello. I'm Takki, 19 years old, from the Philippines. Also a cat lover, guitarist and Jrock fan. I've been an otaku for more than half of my life, but I'm new to cosplaying. I'm not that good yet, so please don't judge me~ ( ՞ټ՞ )
  • Japan
  • Brazil
    Hello! I 'm Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro. I'm a designer living and working doing cosplay ^^ I hope you enjoy my work =) DeviantART -> Facebook Page ->
  • China
    Love for cosplay will never change!!! 对cosplay的爱 永远不变!!!
  • Spain
    こんにちわ!私はルキちゃんです。よろしく! スペイン人 おたくです。 私は漫画とアニメ好きも。私の夢は日本のアイドルになることです。 聞いてください。 ありがとうございました!! Cure No. 241426 ✿Official Web: ✿Ameba Blog: ✿Official Facebook Page : ✿Deviantart: ✿Official Shop: ✿Twitter: ✿Youtube:
  • Yuu
    Hi, I'm Yuu and I'm a brazillian cosplay. I love this art and I want to improve myself even more <3 Is a pleasure to meet all of you! And let's be friends! <3 My Fanpage: Ample-Cosplay!: My DA: My CureCos: xoxoxo
  • Italy
    I sing act and paint .and I love cosplaying and create too