Mamoru-Kun (Mamoru)
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm Tsukihime. I'm a cosplayer from Viet Nam I love manga, anime and cosplay \(>v<)/ Thank you for the favorite and following me ^o^ ____________________ If you want contact me or ask some question •v• Facebook : Ask: Instagram: trangbiettuot
  • Russia
    Hello ( ◡‿◡ *) I'm AkaHana. Nice to meet you (◕‿◕) Let's be friends (^_-)≡☆ I hope you like my works :3
  • Hong Kong
  • Argentina
    Hi! My Name is Morena, I Started Cosplaying in 2014, It is my favorite hobby, I am from Argentina... ;) ♥♥♥ My Personal Facebookl: Mi Page on Facebook:
  • France
    Hi, I'm a French girl who loves cosplay of every univers ! About me : I'm 17 years old and I start cosplay at the age of 14. My favourite characters ? Harlock, Springtrap and many others... Enjoy <3 You can check out my facebook page :
  • Viet Nam
    Hello! My nickname is Junie :)) Facebook: Page: IG:
  • United States
  • China
    Hi my name is akira sparrow . You can call me akira or the chinese name【 雀 】 i am very like Takao kazunari in【 黒子のバスケ】 and like the all animations of my childhood such as Sailor Moon / Cardcaptor Sakura/ Digimon Adventure / Axis powers ヘタリア/ ZONE00 / clamp/ 【板车组 】 【小十政】 【星昴】 【普奥】 【兔虎】 【银高】
  • Russia
    Hi there! I am a cosplayer and a musician from Russia. I like exploring new places and meeting new people(=
  • Russia
    Hi! I`m russian cosplayer. Welcome to my page! I love anime! I love cosplay! More like rabbits and sweet :D I love to travel and camping! My pages^ ☆[VK] - ☆[facebook] - ☆[twitter] - ☆[instagram]-
  • Puerto Rico
    I started cosplaying in 2013 with a modest version of Princess Peach. The first convention I attended was in my hometown, the 2013 Aguadacon. My cosplay inspiration comes from fulfilling my childhood dream of being my favorite cartoon character, Sailor Moon. My favorite part about cosplays is the process of finding and assembling the materials to bring to life the characters I cosplays.
  • Russia
    Beginner cosplayer from Russia 23.06.1995 ♋ 【FACEBOOK】 ✵ 【INSTAGRAM】 ✵ 【WORLDCOSPLAY】 ✵ 【YOUTUBE】 ✵ 【TWITTER】 ✵ 【ВКОНТАКТЕ】 ✵ 【DEVIANTART】 ✵
  • Japan Cosplay from Osaka JAPAN.
  • Uruguay
  • United States