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    indonesian cosplayer so awesome like my country
  • Indonesia
    Hello there! My name is Dyne. I am from Indonesia. Nice to meet you. I hope you like my cosplays. Cure No. 308640 Facebook Page : Instagram : dyne_d Email : Joined on August 5 2014
  • Japan
    NAME*黒刄(KUROBA) Twitter:@kuroba4213 Archive: LayerCloud:7624 初めまして、日本のコスプレイヤーです。 英語は不得意な為、PCの翻訳機能を使ってますが、間違った文法になってたりする可能性があります。
  • Senegal
    関東中心で活動しているコスプレおじさんです。 宜しくお願いします。 I am a Japanese cosplayer who lives in Senegal. I love a Anime & Comic. I beg your kindness. 【ARCHIVE】 【cure】
  • Mexico
    Hello people¡¡¡ >:I I am Shuhhei¡¡¡ Cosplayer and Cosmaker From Mexico¡¡¡ yaii Ajua¡¡ I love cosplay,I also like the great cosplays, design, imagination ... that's what I like >u< I am Navi and my sister is Tatl,we're a team of Cosplay XD Visit :D
  • Japan
  • Japan
    Hi, I am shin. Cosplayer from japan. I hope you like my photos (ΦωΦ)! Archive: Twitter:
  • Japan
    My name is HIRO. I love costume plays of the fantasy. Final Fantasy Harry Potter Macross Frontier Sailor moon Yu-gi-oh
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    Hey! I'm new in Cosplay. But I'll do my best to be a better Cosplayer hihi ^^ Currently I'm Cosplaying: Kinomoto Sakura (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) Yuuki Asuna (SAO) Kirigaya Kazuto (SAO) Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid - default) Flaky (Happy Tree Friends) On-going progress Cosplays: Kinomoto Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura) Alice Liddell (Alice Madness Returns - video game) Princess Merida (Brave) Aya Drevis (Mad Father - video game)
  • Indonesia
    I'm Indonesian Cosplayer i'm Javenese I Live in Surakarta middle java Indonesia love Japan culture, anime, martial art, music, etc my dream some day i will go to japan :D
  • Japan
    2007年4月にコスプレイヤーの世界にログイン\( ’ ω ’ )/ コスプレイヤー歴7年、オタク歴20年以上^p^ ■コスプレ史(Japanese) ソードアートオンライン/コードギアス/マクロスフロンティア/とある魔術の禁書目録/Angel Beats!/リトルバスターズ/K/ガールズ&パンツァー/STEINS;GATE/東方Project/黒執事/まりあ†ほりっく/エヴァンゲリオン/VOCALOID/DEATH NOTE/GUILTY GEAR/ひぐらしのなく頃に/涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱/機動戦士ガンダムSEED etc... ■Related Sites Cure: Archive: Twitter: Youtube:
  • Italy
    Hi~ I'm Martina and I'm an italian cosplayer :) I love cosplay because I love to play as my favorite characters~ I started alone to do cosplay but now I do cosplay with my boyfriend, Giuseppe Castaldo, and so I'm very very happy to share with him this our passion <3 I hope you like my cosplay! Arigatou~ Facebook Page: My DeviantArt:
  • Taiwan
    大家好,我是藍璃湛 可以叫我晨晨,是個台灣的coser,重度的桐人廚XD 因考試關係而很少出角,所以這裡WC更新照片速度稍慢~~ 最近狂熱的動漫為刀劍神域/進擊的巨人/排球少年/飆車宅男 等等各樣作品,只要有熱血類型的作品都愛 服裝訂做/道具武器皆自已做 以下這是我的FB 會發佈一些道具武器製作的 加友請先私密
  • Brazil
    My name is Giovanna. I'm have 11 years... I'm Cosplayer since I was 9 years. I am very low in height. But I have a big heart, captive everyone around me. I hope you like my cosplays. <3. <3