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  • Taiwan
    大家好,我是藍璃湛,是個台灣的coser 桐人(Kirito)為本命,因考試關係而很少出角 這裡WC更新照片速度稍慢,主要出Kirito的一直線 刀劍神域/進擊的巨人狂熱者,也是川原礫的忠實粉絲 除此以上兩部外有喜歡不少動漫作品(太多了只好省略XD 服裝訂做/道具武器皆自已做 以下這是我的FB 會發佈一些道具武器製作的 加友請先私密
  • Brazil
    My name is Giovanna. I'm have 11 years... I'm Cosplayer since I was 9 years. I am very low in height. But I have a big heart, captive everyone around me. I hope you like my cosplays. <3. <3
  • United States
    I've been cosplaying for 3 and a half years, having fun at texas conventions like A-kon and AnimeFest. ^^ I love to draw, play video games and make new anime buddies~ I cosplay from animes I usually obsess about like: Kingdom Hearts, Ao no Exorcist, Vocaloid, Final Fantasy...etc. I hope you like my cosplay! :3 MY FB PAGE! ^^ :
  • Thailand
    hi i am cosplayer thailand nice to meet you FB : Twitter :
  • Viet Nam
    Hello~!!! I am Micheal~nice to meet you!i come from Vietnam All over the world a cosplayer,let's learn together and strive to cosplay and become friends with it! 大家好,我是Micheal~Vietnamese coser~ 感謝你點看我的個人資料,感謝以及感謝! cosplay無分性別、國藉、大手/新手~有愛便好~ 所以來自世界各地的cosplayer一起互相學習、交流並成為朋友吧! 重度腐...長期定居facebook~有興趣的人可以去看看 >~< 社團facebook: facebook: Cure: Cure No. 354294
  • Finland
    Hi everyone! :) I am a 22-year-old cosplayer girl from Finland! I've been cosplaying from 2007. Cosplay is one of my dearest hobbies. Right now I am studying business.
  • Brazil
    Hiiii! My name is Jaqueline Rando and I am a cosplayer from Brazil. I'm still ''young'' in this world, I started in 2009. I have many plans for this year and I hope I finish them all soon. Welcome and enjoy! Facebook Page:
  • Italy
  • Serbia
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
    まったりコスプレをしてます。 主に銀魂、ボカロのコスが多いです。 よろしくお願い致します。 Hello :) I'm ran. I like Gintama and Vocaloid cosplay. I can speak English and write only a little. Thank you. twitter: Cure: ARCHIVE:
  • Japan
    日本のコスプレイヤーです。 よろしくお願いします(*^v^*) ★cure ★アーカイブ ★twitter
  • Japan
    Hello, How are you? My name is HARU. I like Cosplay of characters in my favorite Animation, comics, movies, games, and novels etc... If you favorite my Cosplay pictures, follow, talk to me anytime and push ”favorite” ”like”, please ♡ 【Twitter】 【Archive】
  • Bermuda
    Hey guys My name is Jenny, I'm from Venezuela I like to cosplay but photography is also one of my hobbies You can find me on Animexx Deviantart:
  • Japan
  • Singapore
    I am Seventh, from Singapore.