captain-SQUALO (Alexander Morgan)
  • Belarus
    Hi ^__^ I'm a cosplayer from Belarus. And I did my first cosplay in 2006 (>__<). I really like it ^_^ All the costumes I do myself. I hope you'll like my works ^_^ My account: CURE: DA: Youtube:
  • Belarus
    Hi everyone and welcome! My name is Vitaly Chernyasky. I am a coplayer slash prop-maker from Belarus. 26 y.o. And I've got great passion for cosplaying and crafting various splendid thigs. See you soon with new сostumes! Unconquered peaks are waiting ^_^
  • Russia
    Hello! I hope you like my cosplay. I live in Russia, Moscow. 19lvl, speak English. If you want to contact me: ☼INSTAGRAM☼ - ☼VK ☼ ☼FACEBOOK☼ ☼ASK☼ ☼TWITTER☼