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つばめ。 (tsubame)
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    你好,我的CN是 星游酱,来自中国,是一个新手摄影,最喜欢四糸乃啦! 主要活动于广东省的广佛肇地区,一般活动于漫展,看到身上最多四糸乃的摄影就是我啦ww,喜欢看新番,看到喜欢的cos就会点赞和关注! 只会粤语和普通话,其他语言都不擅长,但我会尽量使用软件翻译交流的! sina: QQ:719828923
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    From Jaopixels Photography Yokuso! Im Jao. amateur cosplay and casual photographer. i started out as a con goer and as a otaku. then i started cosplaying and combined it with my photography. my goal is to capture cosplayers in the most realistic way. i still edit and such but the emotions of these cosplayers comes out on how they project and internalize the character they are cosplaying. please like my page too
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    こんにちは :) If you like my work as a Cosplayer, than follow me. I would be very happy about ^-^ And... Please have also a look on my favs! (They are very good!) Visit me also here: Favo: YGO! (all seasons!) Uta no Prince-sama Free! Sword Art Online D.Gray-man Fire Emblem Sengoku Basara Next Cosplay: Ren Jinguji (Re-Make) Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tokiya Ichinose (Prince Summer) Greetings from Germany! :)
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    関西でのんびり活動中´`* 宜しくお願いします. Love*進撃/Free!/K/ハイキュー!/ラブライブ!/境界の彼方/氷菓/艶漢/薄桜鬼/アムネシア/ディアラバ/ツキウタ。etc twitter* Archive*
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    はじめまして眞亞鈴です。 好きなキャラを楽しく好きにコスプレしてます。 まだまだ駆け出しで、勉強したいと思ってますのでよろしくです( ゚∀゚) archive: Nice to meet you friend My name is Maarin I have fun and love cosplay your favorite character. Because I believe in the fledgling still, and want to learn is you (° ∀ °)
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    Hi I'm a Chilean cosplayer ^^ I really enjoy Cosplay. I 'm trying to do my best! There's a lot of effort on all my costumes :')! You can check more of my cosplay stuff at:
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