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    I am C. Auguste Dupin! lol (The Purloined Letter is my favorite book.) I'm a Japanese viewers ,but one day I want to cosplay! I will surely press the ♡button if I can encounter beautiful cosplayers(( Get along with me.^^ 英語…ぎこちないですね…(( デュパンと言います (ポーのあのシリーズ、小さい頃にハマってましたw) 基本は見る専門ですが、いつか必ずコスプレしたいので勉強中です! 好きなアニメを中心に巡回していますが、綺麗・可愛い方がいらっしゃったら密かにお気に入りボタン押してます(( 気軽に仲良くしてくださると嬉しいです^^ (失礼の無いよう気を巡らしてはいますが、若輩者です故何かあればご指導ください)
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    Hi, I'm Dita from Bali, Indonesia, and I'm Kameko check out my page :3 facebook :
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    안녕하세요~ 반갑습니다^^! 보경입니다. Nice to meet you! ☆ ☆
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    Hello! I m not cosplayer. Just need have registration for getting this amazing pics in full quality (sometimes i use them in drawing) ^_^ P.S Most of all I love сhinese and korean cosplay Also you can find me there
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    Hi! I'm Rikka If you like my cosplays follow me and give me a like ★ My Facebook page: ♥ My Blog ♥ DeviantArt:♥ Another random cosplay web: ♥ My tumblr: ♥ My instagram : ♥ My twitter : @CoserRikka ♥
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  • South Korea
    안녕하세요! 한국 코스어 텐요입니다. 반갑습니당 :D Hello! Korea cosplayer TenYo ^o^ nice meet you!
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    Hey! This is Claude, from Singapore! I enjoy Cosplaying, making my own props, and most of all, meeting new friends who enjoy the hobby as well! Find me on Twitter, at
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