Miyuki Star
☆Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Miyuki Star ☆
I'm an italian cosplayer since 2014! I love anime/manga and I love to cosplay my favorite characters ! I hope you like my cosplays! Cosplay for me means a lot..have fun, stay together, share our passions, to prove ourselves, it is an experience and a way of life that one decides to undertake! I love cosplay! It makes me happy! So that's all Minna-san! And never forget to get your happiness and enjoy being a cosplayer! Bye bye ☆\(^o^)/
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  • Age 19
  • Country/RegionRepubblica Italiana
  • Birthday 09/01
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  • 紫玥 桃
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  • Eusagi 綺兔
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