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    I'm from Taiwan. Thank you for following! Some friends say that I look like an otter,so just call me otter.0__< Please introduce yourself before adding me friend on facebook. 這裡是水瀨//目前出沒於北部 因為長得像水獺所以被叫水瀨:) 歡迎同好戳fb友www戳友前請先禮貌性自介> < 謝謝關注^__^
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    Hi im Chouhi from Philippines. Yoroshiku~ ♥
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    你好,我叫Kiki,来自中国。cn:一颗蛋Kiki。很高兴认识你们。 厉害的coser太多了~~~我会慢慢关注大家。加油!!! Hello, my name is Kiki, from China.. Cn: 一颗蛋 Kiki. Glad to meet you..A Great friend too much ~ ~ ~ I will slowly pay attention to you. Come on!!! 新浪微博: 【遇到了一群温柔的人,好暖】
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    konnichiwa~ nice to meet you. i from east malaysia~ :3 you can call me akito ~