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*恋* (Ren)
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    目前只COS 大野智 的角色, 很歡迎大家一起交流做朋友! 希望之後可以進步QAQ 是個手法還不太熟練的新手COS! 希望大家會喜歡我的作品! 也歡迎大家給我意見!(指正也可以得!^^ 噗浪>>
  • Thailand
    สวัสดีค่ะ (^人^) Hello!! ヽ(´∀゚〃) Mynickname is phriw. You can call me. piruki. I'm cosplayer from thailand. Nice to meet you! (。・ω・。)ノ My faecbook ::
  • Thailand
    My name's Retsu. Nice to meet you!! 私の名前は「レツ」です。  どうぞよろしく お願いいたします。σ(≧ω≦*) Facebook: Twitter:!/emb_LZ Blog:
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    ノアです。 作品が少ないですが、いい作品を皆さんにあげようと頑張っています! よろしくお願いします。 weibo:
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    新浪- 天空-
  • Portugal
    Hey~ I'm Raye, nice too meet you all. I haven't done many cosplays yet but I hope you enjoy it^^ I also have a DA were I post diferent pictures if you want to check it out:
  • Mexico
    . . . Sigueme en ;: Facebook: Boom Boom Neko Twitter: @Charle Dono Tumblr: DeniantART:
  • China
    -CURE- 225529 -Weibo- -Web- -PhotoBO- -CosList-
  • Mexico
    Hello people¡¡¡ >:I I am Shuhhei¡¡¡ Cosplayer and Cosmaker From Mexico¡¡¡ yaii Ajua¡¡ I love cosplay,I also like the great cosplays, design, imagination ... that's what I like >u< I am Navi and my sister is Tatl,we're a team of Cosplay XD Visit :D