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    【FB】http://www.facebook.com/hyko.hakkou.kagaya MAIL:lena1111@kimo.com
  • Len
    Nice To Meet You,I'm Len. I'm living in Shanghai,China.And of crouse I'm Chinese. I love Anime and cosplay. I hope u like my works. And thank u for following. ps:I'm busy and there wont be a lot of cosplay works.but i try my best to every character. [Weibo]http://weibo.com/baigushilian [Blog]http://baigushilian.diandian.com/ [Cure.ID]356437 [Facebook]https://www.facebook.com/shi.lian.92798
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    -a HK cosplayer- -HKVIP- -Love BIGBANG/2NE1/B2ST/TM/LOKI/AVGs/LOTR/HBs- FACEBOOK﹕ http://facebook.com/A.wingazette