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United States
  • Australia
    Hi, I'm Isabelle "Lzzy" Lightwood, My name Is Jade! & I want to do Cosplay. I love Cosplay,Arrow,the flash,Supergirl,Shadowhunters the mortal Instruments.
  • Viet Nam
    Hello,I'm Thánh Thông,I'm a cosplayer in Vietnam I start cosplay in 2015 and my favorite anime is Gintama I hope you and everyone to follow me and likes my pictures,Thanks you!!! (Sorry if my english is bad) My FB Acc:
  • Japan
    ようこそ、ハートビートシティへ・・・美しき正統 ニューヒロイン、ニューヒーローお待ちしています 世界中の噂になれたら羨望の眼差しに触れたら良いね、嬉しいね・・・ 私が貴方に伝えたいのは夢、それも束の間の夢 セラムン、タイバニ、ディズニー、戦隊、ストリートファイターのアマチュア劇団やりたいです。その日の心境を綴った1曲と共にアストラルワンダーランドとイマジカルステージを楽しんでください コスクルー Ameba アーカイブ ストⅡ合わせ びっくりぽん!なコスサミ動画
  • Russia
    Hi,dear~! My name is CAIN~ I really love cosplay, anime, manga! We hope we will be friends!٩(♡ε♡)۶ Twitter: @cain_reliant Instagram - cain_reliant
  • Colombia
    Hello everyone! I'm Suisen :) A Colombian cosplayer and I am part of the team Hanami/Suisen. I believe that cosplaying is a great way to express your emotions and to trasmit thoughts. Also, I believe that it can bring the best side of someone. I hope you enjoy my work and support me as I make my way into the cosplay world! Thank you very much :3
  • Viet Nam
  • Malaysia
    Hi everyone! I'm a Cosplayer who is still learning to improve but hey, there's always something new to learn every day, right? XD hehee... I hope that you like my cos-pics and I always believe that SHARING is CARING XD hehee... -PEACE OUT!- ♡ FB : (my personal FB acc) (my FB group page) (my FB personal cosplay page)
  • Philippines
    こんにちは!美夕です! I'm Miyu. Cosplayer and wig stylist. チーズバーガーになりたい。 ピザが大好き。(ノ*゜▽゜*)
  • Brazil
    I'm Ane Caroline, 19 years old, I love anime and cosplay. I live in Viamão, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Cosplayer since 2013. Page on Facebook: Twitter: Twitter: Tumblr: SocialSpirit: Instagram: lady_gretel
  • United States
    A dynamic duo with a passion for cosplay, dancing, and having fun!
  • Brazil
    Official Website : COSPLAYPORTRAIT.COM.BR
  • yue
    見ていただきありがとうございます。 素晴らしい思い出になりました。
  • France
    Ya-Ha, I'm WonderKillerz ^3^ ! I'm 19 years old and I'm a French girl. I really love Cosplay >w< ! My Cosplays are quite simple but... whatever : it's so fun to play characters' role :-3 ! If you want, look at my Collections to see my Cosplays, and to learn more things about me n3n ! Uguu is my girlfriend and my Cosplay Partner ^3^ ! Take a look at her pages ;-P :
  • United States
    I do mascots (one of a kind) I also do flower arrangements only for Oahu
  • Philippines
    I am an amateur artist, cosplayer and photographer from the Philippines. It's very nice to meet you all♥ Facebook - Instagram - Deviantart -
  • Japan
    Hallo! Ich bin ein Cosplayer aus Japan. Mein Lieblingsgenre ist......immer neu. Ich kann Deutsch und Englisch. Es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ich dich interessieren könnte und wir eine internationale Freundschaft schließen könnten. Ich bin zwar ein MANN, verkleide mich aber mehr als Mä ☆Twitter ☆LINE yuu_yumehara